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Shatter your chains, fight, and search for revenge in opposition to those who saved you enslaved for years. Knight, Warrior, or Assassin, choose your class correctly and face many enemies on this massive medieval battle recreation with spectacular 3D graphics and actual wanting physics.

As for many who had been having fun on the console in an over-the-shoulder 3D perspective that will make you feel like you’re inside the game, profit out of your mobile machine and fight. Administration your character with simple gestures on your touchscreen, transferring your character as you see match and executing thoroughly completely different assaults and combos. Confront other avid gamers in multiplayer mode to accumulate distinctive weapons and armor or work with them through short-term events to defeat the Guardian of the Tower.

Dark Steel Medieval Fighting Mod APK 0.8.1 (Unlimited Money)

The game is pretty cool and really awesome. In the start of the game there's no bugs i have found yet, which makes my experience really nice.. Well, 10 minutes in and im enjoying it, the combat is good, the graphics are good enough, what more could you want from a mobile game? But the energy thingy is bothering me a bit though.. Very recommendable for mobile phones high graphics and little lags but it's durableso. 3 star.. Why? Drop rate are too low, I just wasted a lot of energy trying to get a shield, sword, and armor but only gold appears... What are the drop percentage of an item in this game?? 2%Fix your game.. Grinding is not even working in this game.. Also higher the amount of gold you get in the campaign 10-15 gold Is not even enough for those 3k chest. The concept is great but the execution is lacking. Energy and mana takes too long to refresh, loot and gold is hard to come by. They're trying to force players to subscribe to the "Village" membership. So I'm docking 4 stars from the rating until this is improved.. God updated. Deleted my previous rating regarding the "miss" part. Good to know devs are listening. If now, you could have village accessible even if you're f2p then everything is good..

This is cool game I ever seen. Miss bug and unfair level vs in player to player ..and what's more my enemy gets 150 or 200+ medals while me only 50 or less than 50. The dodge system .unfair skills like that reduces dodge skills plus the miss bug the enemy is immortal so stupid. Been enjoying it but the droos are too scarce, maybe you should adjust the drop rate a little more.. The game is good but the controls are really hard, no matter how many dash i tried the enemy can still catch me. Really good game.. I'm injoy good graphics...

The game is great and all but like the rest there's this issue about the 4th hit always missing. I don't do continuous hits, I hit I dodge I hit and repeat. If you are gonna make it so that every fourth hit is a miss, what is the point of dodging?? Just why??? You need to get hit in order to attack. Wouldn't that make this more of a stat based game rather than a skill based one?. Little bet improve the characters animation. Uninstalled right away, DODge system sucks.. Quite good game to play. Interesting game for me. Scam if I attack in a combo the 4th attack always miss? And when my attack clearly hit theres even a blook effect but no damage made? I think you need to work on these things..when theres a space between us and he starts to come close my attack does not connect but theres blood animation? Then for some reason when my attack does not connect Im open to a counterattack? And how to dodge attacks? It seems like all the enemies attack always hit even if you try to dodge.

I wish there are blood effects. Hey! Thanks for fixing the issue last time , now I experienced it and it feels so natural. I really like the design, customization and animations on this game! For those of you finding a medieval game, this is the perfect game. Great game! :D. I really like this game. I gave it 5 star initially but I reduced it to 3 because the medal deduction for the arena is somewhat strange. If we win we get 20-30 medals but if we lose around 50+ is usually deducted. Can someone explain this please? - thank you for being responsive. Aside from a few bugs here and there this game has a potential. I hope you can create an event/chest sale or somethng to keep people interested.. I love beating them up bro. i feel like am a real warior in this game btw good game and content.

Arena battles are too unbalanced...only good for exp. You lose more medals than you win...on average you'd get around 25 per win, then you lose around 50 when you get attacked... Cool game but a little biy laggy.. Graphics is good but, the item drop rate are soooooo low. Out of ten battles no item will drop even if there's a drop it's not the weapon required for your class. Also, reward gold are way so low lowest is 2gold and yet the chest you can buy is ranging from 2300gold up. You can't call auto fight grinding when you can do is watch it repeatedly and nothing drop and if you play it manually it will be boring to play. This game have potential. Devs pls Don't let this game to be boring. Graphics is good. Fight style is good. Problem is very few drop rate & you'll need to subscribe to increase the drop rate. Kinda sucks. Hope devs resolve this even for normal players. Too much grinding involves with very slim chance of getting wanted item.. It's good but I prefer more brutal on effects like if hit in finishing blow make it realistic like cut hand or chop off heads.

Three stars currently because the game keeps telling me I don't have an internet connection.. It's quite a good game. But, the gold rate after every battle is extremely low. While item drop rate for each battle is close to none. Almost 50% completed for Chapter 1 and I never get an item reward.. This game does not make sense if I attack and hit the enemy it said miss and if I attack and the enemy attack the enemy attack is first and I'm the one who attack first. this game is so much fun when i completed my first campaign mission there is no need to pay in order to get a advantage at the game just keep grinding and collecting free chest at the store but one thing that i hate is that Everytime i completed a campaign mission i thought its a guarantee gear drop when first completed but overall this game has alot of potential cant wait. waiting for additional gaming interface options like adjusting the height or zooming out for comfortable battle experience..

Fun game..but alot of bug to work every time i used the skill stomp. I find my self also paralyzed in the moment so its disappointing and killing my momentum..then after the skill cooldown starts it glitches that's like i can't control it.. Hoping it will be resolved in future updates... The game is good. But i can't recover my account. After i put the email in email recovery i received the recovery code. Then i put the code but i cant click the recovery. Then i restart the game thinking that maybe my internet is slow. Then after i put the email again. It is loading only. I've waited for how many hours but i cant access the recovery code. I hope you can help me. Im thinking of uninstalling the game.. I like the game but the problem is that I got stuck on chapter 1 final boss but when i beat him the weapon that the game give me is different class weapon, all that hours of frustration then when i finally beat the final chapter 1 boss it just give me a weapon i cannot use, plz fix the reward system that you will get "your class weapon" after beating a final chapter boss cause i will use the weak weapon again from more powerful enemies. Plz fix this cause alot of player have this prob too. Thank you for adding my request developer. I really like the improvements of this game. The tutorial is good and understandable. And the funny thing that I can yeet your enemy in the final hit, like when i hit the enemy in upper slash the enemy sends to the sky, but it works only in light weight enemys I think. One thing in my mind that maybe you should add like swipe/slash effect instead of white bottons/circle that appears in the screen when i do a move. Well that's all thanks for the offer. I wish there is a graphic customization in settings, i really like the game but my phone cant handle some of the maps.

Nice game ever, I like this game, it has good graphic and easy to control every moves, I recommend this game to other players..... The game is great but when you play the levels it costs so much energy also the A.I drops less loot which sucks bc im trying to get powerful to beat all the levels pls increase the loot drop chance and make the levels cost less energy. Thes is fun an amazing ok. This game is fun grapics is so very good. Umm great game I have nothing to say about the gameplay but the controls are kinda confusing for me I don't know about the other players but for me it is like you don't know what your character will attack you just tap and tap and tap and that's it umm can suggest something maybe you can drop some daily rewards or something hehe but overall this game is great. Looking forward for your updates to the gameee peace outtt. Umm oh I forgot to say about the bugs hehe please fix the bugsss..

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