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The sun is no more. An impenetrable darkness descended on the Earth. The dark dragon covered it with its powerful wings and does not want to change anything. In the darkness, devoid of daylight, dirty deeds are happening. Dark Sword is an addictive combat RPG for mobile devices. Perfectly matched graphic solution in the Gothic style, gloomy special effects and hardcore music, all this impresses and beckons with its mysteries to plunge into the enchanting virtual world of the game.

List of Codes WikiExpiration date
NE4R7MAGDWYAugust 29, 2022
DQBK5WAC2MSeptember 18, 2022
UO0PJ7LXKSeptember 3, 2022
2C5G7LDYVHUSeptember 26, 2022
G1BN4PVQ20J5September 28, 2022
N1BCHV6I5XSAugust 19, 2022

The target task is to defeat the Dark Dragon and the forces of darkness. Become a Knight of Light, go through all the trials and bring peace back to earth. You have to try your hand at 100 locations of varying difficulty, overcoming the resistance of evil monsters with unique abilities. Improve your skills, improve the performance of weapons, use various power-ups and complete numerous missions. If they seem easy to you, then the brutal game mode will not leave a chance to win. Fight with your friends and share your achievements with them.

Is steel ready to be a ray of light in the impenetrable realm of darkness? Then install Dark Sword on your mobile device, dress in knightly armor and ride towards danger and glory.

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