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Darkfire Heroes is a new role-playing game that offers a lot of opportunities to develop your character.

Darkfire Heroes
 Gift Codes (2023 February) 1.28.2
All Codes Expiration date
JMX0YWPZRT2 January 19, 2023
M1EDQ9C8AY February 7, 2023
1BOD0SUEL January 1, 2023
1IMDK74HYZQ February 18, 2023
6RNETYVH3DSJ January 16, 2023
26XS4P9HG1E January 5, 2023
BLAK8DIZPFY January 25, 2023
4931AKBO2W January 5, 2023
G56PFSZLH December 31, 2022
U12X7AMROC8 February 5, 2023
XYVROF16K48B January 30, 2023
CTLPW6XG91D January 18, 2023

Organize a team of brave warriors, find the best strategy and smash the hordes of enemies. Save the kingdom using powerful spells and deadly attack combos. Pump heroes, look for the best equipment for them, and then your team will have no equal on the battlefield. Fight the strongest bosses and get valuable rewards for victory if you manage to defeat them.

Game Features:

  • a huge selection of characters;
  • a lot of strategic combinations;
  • six unique factions.

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