Blog - Updated on May 13, 2022

New diary interface, objects, mechanics and new ambient sounds.

Your only companion on the streets of DarKnot, the diary has received some changes and improvements. Page flip animations have been added when scrolling through items, improving its overall performance and usability in the game.

Read also the new DarKnot lore notes and learn more about the cultists, ghosts, and other hideous creatures that roam the world. You can find these notes in safe places or with some “friend” who will tell about his experiences in the world of nightmares ….


Set the heat with a new burner mechanic that you can find and use against your enemies! The flames do a lot of damage to your enemies, but the fuel supply is limited. Spend it wisely…


Improved the catacombs: added new sounds that make your hair stand on end, and also added ghosts locked behind a stone wall.

The nightmare world has also received a disgusting upgrade – the ghost will now meet more often and he will be able to call on his “brothers” to attack you from the same walls of these gloomy and dilapidated corridors. Be careful; they have learned to attack from afar, and the formidable ghost boss has become much stronger! You will have to think through every step in order to survive.

We also increased the level of fear in the sound effects and music of the catacombs, adding terrifying sounds when a ghost’s hand appears from the walls.

Remember, it can be dangerous to hide in dark corners too, as there are rumors that the ghosts of the nightmare world roam the unlit sections of the catacombs…


The champion cultist has become even more dangerous. This 3m monster now attacks faster.

But don’t worry! We have also added more weapons. Test your strength with a new machete and sword that can be taken from the cultists you killed. Slash, slash and carve your way with ease.

Many of our items can also be interacted with in first person mode. Just pick it up, spin it, and throw it to your heart’s content. Don’t litter though… you never know who’s watching you.


-Improved the behavior of NPCs in the game.

-Improved visual effects in level design.

-Improved, fixed and added animations.

-Improved cutscenes in the game (improved player view angles and added missing sounds).

-More in-game art and item icons have been added to almost all interaction elements. Also added are children’s drawings that the main character will find in the future.

-Another energy bar crafting recipe has been added to the demo. This will prevent the main character from starving to death.

-Bots don’t attack through walls, their intelligence and behavior have been improved.

-Fixed the position of objects in the character’s hands.

-Set up in-game camera.

Once you’ve recovered, join us on Discord for more teasers every week and meet new DarKnot fans. And don’t forget that the cultists will punish you if you don’t…

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