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The original Darksiders is one of those games that have become very fond of only over time. At first, it came out simultaneously with Bayonetta, which overshadowed it, a few months later it visited personal computers, and only then, it seems, the audience began to learn about its existence. And the game was excellent, although many of its elements were borrowed from competitors.

War learns the terrible truth.

War is always the same

Darksiders had a sequel that was re-released on modern consoles last year. Releasing the second part without the first seemed like a strange undertaking, so now THQ Nordic has corrected itself by rewarding the “remaster” of the original with the stupid subtitle Warmastered Edition.

The protagonist of the original is War, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He was accused of fomenting a conflict between Hell and Paradise and that because of him the end of the world began on Earth. The hero sentenced to death asks the Council to give him another chance, and his request is fulfilled by assigning an observer to him, ready to kill the Horseman in case of violation of the contract. Returning, the War learns that more than a hundred years have passed, humanity has been completely destroyed, and the forces of evil have won, leaving only one angelic legion alive.

The beauty of Darksiders is that it is a slasher with elements of exploration, and therefore such gameplay has not been outdated even after many years. The hero visits new locations, cuts monsters, looks for secrets and moves on, meeting more and more dangerous opponents on the way. His main weapon is a sword, with which he beautifully shreds evil spirits, and later the energy accumulated by blows will allow the War to grow significantly in size and deal impressive damage. Over time, other types of weapons become available, including throwable ones, and some unique combos are associated with each of them.

The game resembles a comic book come to life, but it does not have cel-shading, like in The Walking Dead or Borderlands. In the re-release, they clearly tried to maintain this style, so when the resolution was increased to 1080p, the appearance did not suffer in any way. On the contrary, so much work has been done on lighting, shadows and effects here that the almost seven-year age of the game is not felt at all. Probably, it was hardly possible to do better – here even the frame rate increased to the mark of 60, which not all authors of reprints achieve.

The larger the opponent, the more often you have to use a dash and block.

Lone Wanderer

Therefore, no matter what battle the player takes part in, no matter what locations he explores and no matter what secrets he finds, there will be no feeling that “some old stuff” is in front of him. For the gaming industry, seven years is a long time: just compare Assassin’s Creed II and Syndicate. But if the game is visually unique, and practically nothing new has been invented in the genre during this time, age will not prevent you from enjoying such an action movie even after a decade. There are a lot of combos in Darksiders, and weapons, and hidden chests, and types of opponents – if you immediately get involved in the gameplay, it will be difficult to break away.

This is also encouraged by the constant feeling of progress – the War quickly learns additional techniques, and acquires new ways of killing the undead from the merchant for the souls of the killed monsters. A considerable number of souls can also be found in hidden chests, but most of them are given out during fights. In battles, all the skills of the hero come in handy, however, rage is spent on their use, which is replenished very slowly. Having replenished his arsenal and studied combos, the character can subsequently return to already cleared locations and make his way to the missed secrets – destroying blue crystals, for example, he will not learn right away.

There are several complaints about the re-release, which will most likely be corrected by patches. Firstly, on PS4, in some cut scenes, the sound lags behind what is happening on the screen. At first it seemed that this happened only in the introduction, because after that there was no such problem for a long time. However, at some point, the defect came out again. Strangely, some owners of the PS4 version claim that they have never noticed anything like this.

Secondly, there are no sound effects in a couple of locations. One of the moments where this is especially noticeable is at the same time one of the most exciting episodes, so we have to do without spoilers. But here we are faced with the same paradox – a large part of the players who have gone through the re-release to the end are surprised to learn about such a shortcoming, since everything was in order with them. In general, there are some problems with the sound on PS4 that are beyond the control of buyers, but it is hardly worth postponing the passage and waiting for a patch because of them.

The rest of the release is very good. Of course, I would like to see at least tiny changes in the gameplay (for example, the same finishing moves quickly get bored), as well as additional content for those who went through the original, but it’s too late to complain. On the other hand, the publisher does not ask much for a “remaster” – it costs only $20, which is quite a generous offer by today’s standards. Only Russian prices are surprising: on PS4 the game costs as much as 1,299 rubles, and on Xbox One – only 699.

It is difficult to miss the opportunity to finish off the enemy – the circle is very big.


Of course, only those who have not played the original should recommend the reissue. They won’t have to put up with old graphics, poor resolution, and low frame rates – that’s no problem here. Those who have already completed Darksiders will hardly be interested in doing it again, especially since a lot of great new products came out in the fall. But if you suddenly want nostalgia, Warmastered Edition is perfect for this.

Pros: excellent work on the visual side; the gameplay does not seem outdated.
Cons: some users have problems with sound; Those who played the original will not see anything new.

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