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Dash Quest is an amazing combination of strategy and adventure. A distinctive feature of the game is the retro style, which distinguishes this game from analogues.

Dash Quest Codes Wiki 2.9.28
List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
QZWFPVIH3E7 September 30, 2022
4UW6FHVJEY September 25, 2022
EAVIPCLRF September 28, 2022
B0U4X7CWO8Q September 18, 2022
D4TAEL05PFO7 October 7, 2022
89EZJUBIXSW August 19, 2022

You have to make your way through a mysterious virtual world and engage in confrontation with enemies. But your main goal is to find the bosses and fight them. During the battles, you will be able to use not only weapons, but also magic spells and magic items.

Thanks to the rich gameplay and user-friendly interface, you get a unique opportunity to develop and improve your character, supplementing his skills with new and new skills. The stronger your character, the higher the chance that he will be able to win the confrontation with the bosses.

The benefits of the game are very extensive. Firstly, Dash Quest has high quality graphics and original design. Secondly, all game actions are accompanied by thematic sound effects. Also, the application has a clear interface and simple controls, as it was specially adapted for mobile phones and tablets based on Android.

The game is completely free to download, but in order to get unique game items and features, you may need paid content that can be downloaded directly in the application.

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