APK - Updated on January 11, 2023

Davey’s Mystery – Step into the middle of an extraordinary story. An exemplary game of the genre pointed and clicked.

Davey’s Mystery  MOD APK (Free Download) 3.0

The main character inherited a large mansion. From the outside, the desert house is full of oddities. Help the hero look around. Items of special importance are hidden in all rooms. Finding everything and going through all the rooms is not so easy: you will encounter riddles and puzzles. Waiting for you, decoding codes, mechanisms that need to be repaired. Found items will help you access new places and solve new tasks.

Since the playing space is limited, its sophistication is very high. The developers managed to make the locations alive, and not just decorative. Almost all objects can be interacted with, everything has its own function and role in the game.

If you have not tried this genre before, this game will clearly demonstrate all the features and be an enjoyable first experience.

As you progress, you will learn the history of the previous owner of the house and his innermost secrets. The mansion is as mysterious as the whole plot.

Why would a stranger suddenly inherit his estate to a stranger? This is a difficult task that definitely requires your intervention. Don’t let the main character get lost in the rooms and traps of the house!

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