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The action of the game Dawn of Steel takes place on the planet Leviothan, where you have to take control of huge and powerful robots, arranging attacks on enemy bases.

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Dawn of Steel is a real-time strategy game in which the developers decided to fantasize about the future, and ventured to assume that this is how military battles will look after a while. You have to destroy the enemy bases once and for all, one by one, slowly and surely destroying the enemy and expelling him from the planet. Engage in the construction of your base and make every effort to save it and prevent other players from turning your base into ruins.

The combat system provides for the moment that by giving orders to the direct – the functionality and adequacy of the robots increases, as well as the possibility of avoiding serious damage or vice versa – inflicting this damage at the right time, because manually controlling each robot improves controllability and allows you to fine-tune and feel their war machines.

Your only goal, in addition to survival, is to expel enemy forces from your territory, and preferably from the planet in general, so you have a tremendous job to develop local sources of resources and to develop and strengthen your base from upcoming attacks.

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