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Day R Survival is an exciting mobile survival role-playing game set in the once mighty USSR devastated by a nuclear explosion. Endless world wars led to the fact that in 1985 the Soviet Union fell under the pressure of an unknown enemy. In an instant, a huge country turned into a radioactive desert. Everywhere there is only hunger, violence and painful diseases. Can you survive this hell?

List of Discount CodesExpiration date
EXP1LFUDTYNAugust 25, 2022
J6UWR4V3GYJuly 26, 2022
PLE6DKBARJuly 31, 2022
78TI05N4DREAugust 8, 2022
4JVZ3FPMR6SXJuly 17, 2022
IPL4FVXHE7DJuly 29, 2022

You have to learn how to exist in a world inhabited by terrible mutants. But not only evil monsters will be your enemies. There is practically no food suitable for use in food, incurable diseases affect more and more people who have survived. You will have to navigate a huge map of 2,500 cities, squeaking food and tolerable living conditions. Help your hero go through incredibly exciting stages. Participate in quests and get valuable bonuses. Upgrade equipment and weapons. Join forces with your friends and defeat hated enemies together. If the conditions in which your hero finds himself seem too easy, try your hand at “Like Life” mode and get the title of survival master.

Install Day R Survival on your mobile device and get ready for real hardcore.

Download ( V1.724 )
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