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Day R Survival is a dangerous adventure that takes the hero to an alternative universe of the times of the USSR, where a terrible nuclear disaster occurred. According to the plot, the protagonist was separated from his family after a large-scale accident, and now his primary task is to find information about her. This search will take you to many countries, where you will gradually begin to learn about the most important secret that hides the whole truth about the causes of nuclear war.
The tense atmosphere of the game Day R Survival will appeal to all fans of the genre of survival after the apocalypse. Here you need to constantly monitor the level of radiation so as not to die a painful death without finding answers. Collect all the useful things along the way and be sure to try to get weapons, because few people know what monsters appeared on earth after such a terrible catastrophe. Look for a shelter to protect yourself from various monsters and survivors who are distraught or have lost all moral values. In every possible way, try not to die in this harsh world.
Game Features:

Day R Survival – Survival in the Apocalypse of the USSR
 Codes 2022 October 1.732
All Codes Expiration date
PUIXZT1HC9G November 3, 2022
8WNK476LYV November 6, 2022
JFD9K0WVG November 27, 2022
DAWE0XCIFJN November 16, 2022
Q7LGTBEA5HFS November 8, 2022
PE6I378CZ9D November 2, 2022
75H9OZSTFJL October 31, 2022
CMJSAK71GL December 10, 2022
3F01PX59C November 3, 2022
Q2WPRXT4O1Y November 28, 2022
YFV50X67LWAM October 30, 2022
NSGKWA9ZIPF November 15, 2022
  • exciting storyline;
  • atmospheric locations;
  • many interesting quests;
  • high quality graphics;
  • convenient management.

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