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The legendary game, which has collected all the best, is available on mobile platforms. You can download DC Legends: Battle for Justice for Android and start collecting a huge number of legendary heroes from the universe in your team. New heroes of this fantastic universe will join you every day, and they all come from the Justice League. You have to engage in battles against the villains, and all this together looks just amazing and will definitely help you in victory. You can invite such great legends as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and many others to your team, because here an unimaginable number of heroes will fight against you supervillains, also known from these films. Challenge players from all over the world every day and use incredible tricks and attacks to win.

DC Legends: Battle for Justice
 Discount Codes 2022 October 1.27.19
All Codes Expiration date
V5SHYRL21TF November 18, 2022
J3ZSF17NLV December 2, 2022
J3KC2RO46 November 24, 2022
BH3YSJR769G November 6, 2022
UB8CL0ZVW13X November 26, 2022
5EGC6PSTYI3 November 26, 2022
XH4NWK1Q7O9 December 1, 2022
RQFVDC62PN December 8, 2022
KOHMV07T3 November 14, 2022
NZMB2GHQ6I7 November 8, 2022
94XFHY0V8RDI December 28, 2022
SF3YWNP1GVJ December 16, 2022

If you download DC Legends: Battle for Justice for Android, the following unique features will become available:

  • Beautiful 3D graphics that immerse you in this fantastic atmosphere of the Justice League universe;
  • More than a hundred legendary characters from films and animated series;
  • Multiplayer mode allowing fights with your friends;
  • A global system for upgrading the skills and abilities of the superheroes you have collected;
  • Company with plot tasks and scenarios.

Assemble a team from the Justice League Take part in your first battle today and enjoy the battles on the global galactic arena. You will meet with players from a vast universe who dream of getting an exclusive reward, in which there is a much better chance of finding a legendary hero. Constantly level up your superheroes, and then they will begin to receive new abilities that will increase the chances of winning in more brutal levels.

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