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In 2016, the German studio Silent Dreams, known for not too successful parody RPGs (for example, Grotesque Tactics), released an unexpectedly decent “survivor” during the zombie apocalypse called Dead Age. There were turn-based battles, rebuilding and fortifying the base, managing resources and partners, a non-linear story with six endings, and even romantic relationships. Although there were, of course, problems – I talked about everything in my review. And now, five years later, a sequel came out. How has the game changed?

When people are worse than zombies

The plot in Dead Age 2 is not a direct continuation of the first part – the story is new, but it unfolds in the same world, there are enough familiar characters (or mentions of them), although, of course, new ones have appeared. The plot is still the survival of Jack’s camp, but the scenario has become more ambitious – we interact with several factions at once (the US army, smugglers, the so-called Independents), work for them, maneuver between their interests, negotiate with the governors and, in principle, think about the security of the entire region.

Dead Age 2: Overview

We immediately explain the alignment of forces.

To resolve serious issues with faction leaders, you first need to earn their trust by completing approximately the same assignments – deliver something somewhere, release someone, and destroy someone. This is in parallel with completing quests to develop your camp. Then more interesting things begin – the interests of the factions begin to intersect, and we have to face a difficult moral choice.

For example, we will be asked to find a missing doctor, and then it turns out that a colleague sold him into slavery in order to earn money and get rid of a competitor. And there will be a choice – to bring the matter to the end and deliver the doctor to the smugglers, or to release and escort him to the camp of the Independents. As a result, while working and helping one, we run the risk of quarreling with others. Yes, and with partners too – they may like some decisions, while others, on the contrary, will cause anger. As a result, the game can be ended in alliance with different factions.

Dead Age 2: Overview

For smugglers, to raise their reputation, it is better to perform in the arena.

Love and Zombies

In addition, there are interesting stories related to the partners and partners of the protagonist. It’s no joke – from the very first minute we urgently need to look for a rare medicine to cure one of them, otherwise in 48 hours a pretty girl will die. Another young lady will ask you to find her missing boyfriend, and then try to drive away zombies from his corpse in order to bury the body. If we refuse (and the creatures are strong there) – the girl will be offended to the point that she can leave the group.

Finally, as in the first part, in Dead Age 2 they are allowed to develop romantic relationships. And all this leads to different endings (and their variations) – they depend on who we made an alliance with (and whether we managed to conclude it in principle), whether we destroyed all the enemies or only a part, who turned out to be a real friend to us, whether we managed to find their love, whether one of the partners left the camp or not, and so on.

Dead Age 2: Overview

All quests are detailed and conveniently described in the journal.

Survival Technologies

The gameplay itself remains the same. On the global map, we move in a group of up to three people, clear interesting points in search of resources, periodically stumble upon random encounters and participate in turn-based battles directly on the ground.

Dead Age 2: Overview

When the day or night ends, we will automatically be returned from the map to the base.

During the movement, the clock is ticking, so the day here replaces the night, and the characters will want to eat and drink after a while. If there are no supplies, then they begin to weaken and receive penalties. After a while, it will even be possible to travel by subway without spending food and water, but it costs money.

Dead Age 2: Overview

And in the subway you can be attacked by looters and punks.

In addition, there is a separate menu where we are engaged in the development of our camp – you can build and improve workshops for the manufacture of weapons, equipment or ammunition, a laboratory for the creation of medicines, a garden and a hunting tower for obtaining water and food. You also need to strengthen the checkpoint to protect the base.

As before, we assign people to all these jobs, and it is better to focus on their performance and skills: someone works better in the garden and practices medicine, someone is a born artisan, hunter or security guard. However, when characters get new levels, we ourselves are free to develop their specializations in this or that business. That is, ideally, you need to form a team of specialists in all areas.

Plus, we pump over the skill in owning different types of melee and firearms, survival or perception skills (which can affect the outcome of random events), various parameters of the characters, we select cooler equipment for them.

Dead Age 2: Overview

Here are my people at work.

Could be better, but still good

In general, this is all perceived as an augmented and improved version of the first part. The range of random events has increased, including those on the outcome of which we influence our skills. Whether we can open a car door, slip past dangerous enemies, get a discount from randomly encountered merchants, mine ore or search a corpse without attracting the attention of zombies, and so on – it all depends on the presence of characters in the group with well-pumped relevant skills.

Dead Age 2: Overview

The game is perfectly translated into Russian.

There are more details in the mechanics of arranging the camp. And turn-based battles have become deeper and more interesting – more abilities and special attacks, smarter enemies that actively throw grenades and poison at us, use skills. You can call an extremely useful dog on the battlefield, set up traps and turrets.

Of course, there is still a lack of depth in something – weapons never break, food does not spoil, inventory and weight in a survival game are unlimited. The range of random events has increased, but not so much – they still often repeat. There are no unique finds here, an anguish and a glimpse of genius, as in Frostpunk or in This War of Mine.

Dead Age 2: Overview

Locations come across colorful.

But still, what is happening is addictive. First of all, the abundance of quests and the fact that the game constantly keeps in suspense. Even at the normal level of difficulty, there is a shortage of ammunition, water and first-aid kits, the camp is tormented by either scavengers or punks, which forces the guards to level up. Yes, and the enemies the farther, the stronger, so you need to stock up on more advanced equipment and ammunition.

But one death of the protagonist is enough to send us to the main menu. True, as in the first part, there is a system of medals and improvements that will be valid in the next race. You can even unlock the ability to start the game in good terms with one of the factions and in advanced armor.

Dead Age 2: Overview

On hardcore it is better to start the game just in good gear.

Dead Age 2, like the first part, lacks stars from the sky. But fans of survival games should not miss it (especially since the sequel is in many ways better than the original) – here you will get quite interesting stories, a challenge to your skills, and moral dilemmas mixed with romance.

Pros: a good plot and a lot of quests, including those related to partners; nonlinearity and moral choice; exciting gameplay; more interesting and thoughtful battles compared to the original; not the most modern, but atmospheric picture; upbeat music.

Cons: Survival mechanics lack depth in some aspects; the range of random events has grown, but they are still often repeated.

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