APK - Updated on January 22, 2023

If the sight of distorted monsters causes you disgust and fear, and the mere thought of space makes you fall into a stupor, then you can immediately close the page. After all, this FPS-space-horror has absorbed all the best and scariest from two world bestsellers, the names of which are laid down and easily guessed in this title of Dead Effect 2.

Dead Effect 2  MOD APK (Unlocked Everything) 220322.2470

A large and even huge number of various space mutated creatures are waiting for you at every step, and are ready to tear you apart “like Tuzik a heating pad.” Fast and almost elusive monsters, combined with large, clumsy and very tenacious, will be the subject of your nightmares until you deal with them, the only way available to you. Although no, not the only one, because you will have a whole lot of these ways: chop heads with modernized axes, tear off pieces with explosive cartridges, burn, explode, use your psionic abilities, or simply stuff them with lead stuffing.

It all starts, as it should, with opening your eyes and a complete misunderstanding of what is happening. Guts and blood are all around, and only a pleasant female voice is heard and echoes with pain in a buzzing head. Of course, all the employees of the space base have mutated and are now eager to eat the remains of the surviving crew, whose meat does not yet exude a putrid smell and does not ooze pus. As you progress through, you will find the very remnants with which you will spend the rest of the game. An interestingly designed interactive command bridge will help you survive and progress through the game, clearing the base of rot. Here you can chat with fellow sufferers, find out what happened and how the infection spread. Also on the bridge, you will have access to a weapon shop and upgrade panels, which will greatly simplify your leveling due to an easy-to-understand interface.

Grab your weapons and go ahead, demolish the heads of bloodthirsty creatures.

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