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Studio Motive hosted a broadcast where she talked about the sound in the remake Dead Space. Well, let’s not bore you – the game, which is currently in alpha, has received a release window: early 2023.

Let’s get back to audio. The authors rely on the sounds from the first part, but try to make them better. They cited the ALIVE system, sound occlusion, and weapon sound design as examples.

ALIVE system

ALIVE controls Isaac’s heartbeat, breathing, and voice.

The system controls all components of Isaac’s breathing and heartbeat rhythms, as well as shouts and dialogues, the intensity of which depends on a number of gameplay features. These features are the difficulty of the battle, story scenes, screamers, fatigue, oxygen supply and health.

In particular, there are three states of Isaac for dialogue lines: normal, tired, and wounded. That is, the same phrase of the protagonist will differ depending on his condition.

Gameplay without comments.

First comparison:

  • Original. Grunting while running or injuries and stress sounds, such as punches or kicks, play over the breath rather than interrupt it.

  • remake. The transition of breathing rhythms in these cases sounds natural.

Second comparison:

  • Original. When leaving the vacuum or using the balloon, Isaac instantly and unnaturally returns to calm breathing.

  • remake. Isaac catches his breath, recovering from the lack of oxygen. When the protagonist recovers, you hear how his breathing smoothly returns to its normal rhythm.

Sound occlusion

Sound occlusion – change in the volume of sound when passing through various surfaces and materials and the transmission of sound along corridors. Occlusion allows you to more accurately position the sound in space and adjust the attenuation and filtering depending on the distance to the sound source.

So, in the original, the sound could sound through the wall, but in the remake it realistically spreads along the corridor, changing depending on your position.

In addition, the sound becomes muffled when you are in a room adjacent to the source with a window. If you enter a room without windows and close the door, the sound will be much quieter or disappear completely.

Weapon sound design

The sound of the shot is divided into several layers so that the final audio effect seems to be as voluminous as possible. The video compares the original and new plasma cutter and pulse rifle.

Full broadcast recording

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