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The player will find himself in the original fantasy world of the future, where you have to immerse yourself in the most intense and large-scale war of our time. When you can download DEAD TARGET: Zombie for Android, you will be able to take part in wars against such monsters as zombies. You will have to go through hundreds of adventures until you achieve victory and capture a huge number of locations. Engage in defense and attack improvements to advance as far as possible. Use your combat potential and eliminate all threats. Accept the challenge from other players and play with them in the most brutal fight.

 Gift Codes (2022 December) 4.95.0
All Codes Expiration date
PNR5T76YA9L November 19, 2022
92PDABI7L6 December 14, 2022
1V3P8JFSN January 6, 2023
6B71R304YHU November 14, 2022
3M6WOT0CVIBK January 5, 2023
E06WS8KC1QA December 28, 2022
OXNQB46YTEV November 20, 2022
MUN6LDOH0E November 13, 2022
3ZWO8JPN4 December 4, 2022
OPW5Q2H9K64 December 4, 2022
LSUM06ZW2PEG December 23, 2022
C4SI37PR2XM November 28, 2022

If you download DEAD TARGET: Zombie for Android, you will be able to experience the following original features:

  • High-quality detailed 3D image graphics with unrealistically cool effects;
  • Original and exciting missions of the story company;
  • High-quality sound accompaniment;
  • Deadly battles with monsters in a large number of locations and worlds;
  • A huge arsenal of weapons, using which the player will be able to come to victory;
  • Opportunities to open new story quests and receive exclusive rewards for completing them;
  • Connect to the multiplayer game and fierce competition with your friends.

The most high-quality and cruel encounters with Zombies When a real apocalypse happened in the country, heroes were needed who could provide it. All owners of mobile devices can become such. Prove to the whole world that you are capable of saving it and succeed in this deadly war. You have to withstand a huge number of waves of zombies capable of terrible things. Try to win all the battles and get to your main goals. Strengthen the attack power of your own hero and gain an incredibly cool arsenal of weapons. This will be the most epic and unrealistically cool battle with monsters.

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