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Dead Zone: Zombie Crisis is a fun zombie-themed strategy game. According to the plot, you find yourself in a city, most of whose inhabitants have turned into zombies after a dangerous virus leaked from the laboratory.

List of Codes WikiExpiration date
XBTGIJ83C0ESeptember 6, 2022
KAHQZM4IU7August 15, 2022
0MWX165TDSeptember 22, 2022
OMK4F6302Y9August 12, 2022
JNMQ2DZKY3SLAugust 21, 2022
XIVPE6JOK4UAugust 15, 2022

Your task is to find a cure for the virus as soon as possible and save the civilians of the city from the walking dead who constantly attack people. In the meantime, the cure is not found, you need to destroy the zombies in order to save your own life and help other residents.

Other characters of the game will help you, but you definitely need to arm yourself with the most modern weapons and train your army. As you complete levels, you will receive bonus points and valuable in-game items that will help you improve your skills and accumulate more resources.

For the rapid development of the character in the game there are special quests, for the passage of which you will receive valuable prizes. Dead Zone: Zombie Crisis has high-quality and beautiful graphics, and you can control your character and his army with just a few buttons.

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