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A prequel to the story of the Swordsman. No spoilers.



The game is announced for the Windows platform.


The main part of the game. The story will tell about the years preceding the Swordbreaker’s arrival at the castle.

A lot of text, situations, sudden (and painful) turns.

Story link.

Story link.


The gameplay is a visual novel about adventures in a dangerous fantasy world.

The beginning is calm.

The beginning is calm.

You can estimate the scale of the action by looking at the global map. It is filled to capacity with points of interest (620 scenes), and therefore content.

Every question mark has a story.

Every question mark has a story.

The developers decided to go the long-trodden path, tested in Swordbreaker The Game – there are an unrealistically large (222) number of ways in which a hero can die.

In my opinion, they overdid it. The tragic death of the protagonist can literally happen out of the blue. For example, where is the best place to sleep? Several answers. Some contain death. And nothing can be done – this knowledge can only be applied when replaying. Yes, of course, we will be given some way out if one of the three hearts remains (that’s how many times you can make a mistake during a game session), but in fact it’s like wandering through a minefield in search of “your” mine.

When the game is over, the results are summed up. They show the statistics of open scenes and deaths, and also, depending on what worldview the protagonist adhered to, they add hero, killer or coward points.

According to the results of the first run.

According to the results of the first run.

I noticed that each scene contains a large amount of text (fonts can be changed). You have to rewind it long enough to read it completely and make your choice of action.

Do I have glitches or are there three of them?  Yes, and face friends.

Do I have glitches or are there three of them? Yes, and face friends.

Consider the pros and cons of the game, sum up.


+ Stylish drawing.

+ Good music and sound accompaniment. Lots of beautiful soundtrack melodies.

+ Great storyline. Lots of interesting scenes and sudden twists and turns.

+ Good Russian text and voice acting (where it is).


+ – It is almost impossible to understand without checking what awaits the hero with this or that choice – a quick death or interesting content. Therefore, you have to check almost (logic sometimes helps) at random all the options. And when the protagonist finally dies, start from the very beginning, and only then use the previously acquired knowledge. Those. let’s estimate roughly, 222 death options, 3 lives per approach. In total, we have that we have to replay the game 74 times to open all the content. As for me, this is a big minus and backtracking, which is completely unnecessary in this game, there is something to attract here even without it. But after all, someone probably likes it so much, so I don’t write in pure minuses.


– If you forget about the need to replay dozens of times from the very beginning, then no obvious minuses were found.


The game is very well made. A lot of scenes, text, choices, in general – content. Spoiling this barrel of honey can be the need for multiple replays of the game.

Something like this.

Something like this.

PS: Probably did not disclose all aspects, could miss something. I will be glad to supplement / correct the review or answer questions in the course of communication in the comments.

PPS: This time the review turned out to be small, but spoilers in this game are almost everywhere. Please be understanding.

PPPS: Steam game page.

All good games!

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