News - Updated on May 13, 2022

For Deathloop released the third major update. The main features are an extensive photo mode and a number of accessibility settings.

Photo mode

Offers the following options:

  • Switching the character in the frame – you can leave the Colt, change it to Juliana, or remove it altogether.

  • The main characters can change appearances, poses, weapons (including variations and skins), as well as move the character in the scene. All skins and weapons are automatically available in Photo Mode, except for the Deluxe Edition bonuses and the Arkane Outsiders mailing list, which are only available to those who have purchased the Deluxe Edition and subscribed to Arkane Outsiders.

  • 40 stickers (but up to four in one frame) and 14 types of frames.

  • Switch between first and third person view.

  • Switching inscriptions in the air.

  • Filters, lens settings, brightness, blur and other options like that.

Photo Mode is available through the pause menu or hotkey P on PC, but it can only be enabled in single player mode.

Examples of pictures from photo mode.

Accessibility settings

AT Deathloop a separate item with accessibility settings appeared. It is divided into several tabs and includes both new options and those that were already there. Moreover, some things are duplicated: for example, the interface setting is available both in the accessibility options and in the section with the interface. The authors hope that in this way it will become easier to find the right toggle switches.

Among the accessibility settings:

  • The number of reprise lives is from zero to four or an infinite number.

  • Full auto-aim.

  • A mode where opponents die with one hit.

  • Game speed setting – 50% of normal, 75% or 100% (default). You can make it so that the speed is reduced only by pressing a certain key.

  • Pause while the player turns on the weapon selection wheel.

  • Three difficulty levels – easy, standard and hard. On heavy, enemies attack more aggressively and more accurately.

  • Automatic marks on enemies.

Most of the settings that affect gameplay (such as slowing down time and the number of replays) only work in single player mode. In addition, menu navigation has become easier: now it supports not only the cursor, but also the D-pad on the gamepad or the direction keys on the keyboard.

Other changes

  • Added support for AMD FSR 2.0 on PC.

  • Fixed some bugs in level design and made unnamed improvements.

  • On PS5, free avatars based on them are available.

Avatars for PS5 offer to pick up using activation codes – they are different for different regions.

  • SIEA (North and South America): 7673-6HNN-K887.

  • SIEE (Europe, Africa, Middle East, Oceania): 3XF7-QANX-CJ6A.

  • SIEJ (Japan): QQH5-75NA-3TBP.

  • S.I.E Asia (Asia): KB3H-FQNJ-5BCT.

  • SIEK (South Korea): AN6J-FGNM-CCH7.

The patch is out now on both PC and PS5.

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