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Another product of non-standard thinking was presented to users of Android devices by the creators of the game DeathRun Portable. It looks like an ordinary begalka, but everything in this world is ruled by an idea, and the authors have a very original one. In this game, you have to choose your role on your own, and then be responsible for your choice with actions, and possibly life. The game offers a choice of two modes: victim and killer.

List of Gift Codes Expiration date
KUJLOWGXZPV August 1, 2022
NL6Y0734H8 September 1, 2022
9HQNLRIA2 August 17, 2022
T9FEZY5DLPQ August 18, 2022
Y9E7NOL2GA63 July 29, 2022
S1ZFUO9826V September 9, 2022

The role of the victim is understandable and quite understandable – a killer is chasing you, who furiously wants to draw someone’s blood, and your task is to escape from this madman. You need to overcome a kind of obstacle course, along the entire length of which there are ingenious traps, turned on and launched by killers.

The motive of the killers is not clear. It is not clear what those people did wrong, what annoyed them. However, a task is a task. You are given all the cards in your hands – use traps, drive the victim into a corner, deceive and catch your rivals.

One of the possible outcomes of this race may be a wall-to-wall duel, in which mounts are used. But the winners are not judged, so the task of your team is to survive and survive, or to catch and kill.

The interface is not overloaded with anything, for control you are given a joystick and several buttons for hitting and dodging. Therefore, you can fully immerse yourself in the chase without being distracted by trifles.

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