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Decisions – Story Choice is a very fun role-playing and romance game. Girls always enjoy this process, and therefore they will be happy to take part in a new one.

Decisions – story selection
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Immerse yourself in a world filled with stories and adventures, passing a huge number of new chapters and levels. Enjoy stories and exciting new meetings with friends. At each next level, you can meet new characters and live a full life. Promote your heroine as far as possible and do only what you personally want. Use the most fun role-playing genre of the game and make decisions in the process of passing. Decisions – story choice in an exciting game 2018 combines such genres as romance, detective style and naturally drama at the same time. Fall in love with new heroes and live new adventures with them. There are more than a dozen chapters where you need to rebuild and come up with other ways to solve problems. Game Features

  • Freedom of choice and customization of the main character;
  • Role-playing gameplay with individual solutions;
  • Lots of clothing options
  • Dozens of original chapters;
  • Availability of the game in multiple languages.

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