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Deep Town: Mining Factory gets an exciting futuristic story in which you will control robots sent to other planets in search of precious resources.

All you need to do to reach the main goal is the drill. You need to go as deep as possible to gain access to the most valuable resources and artifacts. Along the way, you’ll encounter various obstacles from time to time – starting with alien monsters and ending with particularly hard rocks of the earth. To deal with all the difficulties and just increase the drilling speed, upgrading will not be a hindrance. With the installation of the game, you will receive a lot of coins and rubies to buy the most interesting things and upgrade the robot team.

Level up by exploring new planets with more exciting quests, use upgrades and set new records! The plot is more interesting than at first glance, exploring the caves to discover its secrets.

Game Features:

  • Good clicker with a good futuristic plot.
  • Create a unique team of robots.
  • Dozens of achievements with increased experience.
  • Several planets with valuable resources and artifacts related to the plot.
  • Great graphics and basic simple controls with one finger.

Deep Town: Mining Factory contains many surprises to discover as the story progresses. Filling up the drill, using temporary boosters and fighting bosses make the robot’s task a lot more difficult.

You can handle all the resources extracted on the surface: just build a factory with everything you need and create additional robots with the appropriate skills. Starting with a building and a mine, you can build an entire city filled with unique robots!

Download ( V5.4.3 )
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