Game New - Updated on January 15, 2023

Being the next part of the games Safety Legend, Defense Legend 4 gives players new attention-grabbing experiences. On this half, our safety system has had vital enchancment and classy instruments; within the meantime, the Darkish Energy has come once more firmly and cruelly.

The battle between the Human and the Darkish moved to a fierce new half on this half. In earlier roles, individuals found a method to stop and defeat The Darkish’s assaults. However, the Darkish artful schemes at all times change and develop after each of their failures. Battle in Defense Legend 4 is the best drawback for the followers of Safety Legend.

The Darkish will ship a giant and mighty navy to assault completely to our strategic bases. They assault from all sides from the air, land, and underground… Furthermore, with fashionable weapons, the Darkish use magic to spice up their energy to destroy Human bases.

Defense Legend 4 Sci-Fi TD Mod APK 1.0.74 (Unlimited Money)

Fun until everything is nearly invincible, destroys or disables your turrets, turns into something else that zooms through the exit if you somehow manage to destroy it, and has no apparent weakness to any specific type of weapon. Not a fun way for tower defense to work.. Fun to play, adds are optional. Great way to kill time.. When i install the game and until fenish it to download,download eror still consiuming my MB please fix it.. Excellent game wish it came on PS4. Items and guns rate was too high. Wining amount was too low. But game was ok. Graphics was good. Overall game need more real cash for play. Not for fun. Fun while it lasted. The increase in difficulty per level is a little ridiculous since it leans on restriction of placement. No information on incoming waves. Lots of revenue generating channels. One frustrating one is the Video Ads reward. After filling up the gauges, you still have to buy it. With as many opportunities for watching ads, hard to believe you'll automatically get add'l Battle Rewards without watching ads. Bug: lots of items and abilities have no key for description.

I like the fact that yu can also play offline. Long loadings.. Game is checking version all the time and stuck on processing... What the hell are you doing just go away and let me enjoy playing . It is a very good game i like it. Once you hit level 30, be ready to dish out some cash to advance, and slowl at that.. Purchase done but item( raptor) not aquired . Rs 265 goes in vein . What a money making idea congrats developer. I will report this..

Good graphics Best apps Best game. Horrible... Padded their own rating for this unfinished game.... i LIKE THIS game its too good, i enjoying this game, its better than pubg, free fire, recommened.. but this games matches end are too fast thats why i didnt give 5 star but this game is great. if u guys saving to wasted your time then play this game and slayyyyyyyy. its nice game love it . The new version is awesome, strategizing defense while at the same time, bombarding yourself with rounds of Rapid attacks. New high-tech ADVANCED WEAPONRY to add to the DEFENSE.YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS this is by far one of the best building your own defense while being attacked games out there. #YADIG. A tower defense game that is just ok. BTW the tutorial is terrible and treats players like children and should be removed..

Gd game pretty solid so far. Not too bad so far, keep me from feeling lonely. In comparison to DF3, visuals have improved HOWEVER game has lost all the good feats of DF3: no pause to think about strategy, no visibility of waves, manual hellfire is unusable due to lack of pause, etc. Truly disappointed.. lots of ads to get small cookies crumbs of additional rewards. fighters become stuck behind controll icons and cannot be used ,very frustrating!.

Game is good but update locked my ship cant play now plz fix because it was expensive. AWSOME game I'm really enjoying this it keep up the great work guys. Excellent. Best free game I ever enjoyed playing. You will never get annoyed to play the ads because its rewarding. PLAY ads not watch, because they will not force you to watch it like other games. It will be your choice and you will be able to upgrade your plane and equipment.. Fantastic game...I love to play it always.sometimes u might be feeling like you are watching war movie .. Good game to kill some time.

PvE TD with modern warfare weapons I like it ! Ty double (voice actors ) . I like the game alot I play everyday. The best Tower defense ,I played. The game is so cute And I like it. Great strategy game. Keeps me on edge..

Love this game not pay to win. It's a great game it keeps you busy and active 81 support world !!!. Levels get close to impossible as you progress past 65, instructions & gameplay tips are somewhat nonexistent although 90% is common sense, gameplay instructions would help many others out on the other 10% of it. Not sure I believe the ratings, seems a good 1/2-1 star higher than it should be. Arena tournaments obviously have bots posing as opponents at times which make nearly impossible to win top placement, I say obvious bots because their ships & VIP are low ranked yet they The game is not bad, but lacking basic stuff I would expect from a TD game. The description of the tower mechanics is lacking, there is no way to see enemy details or characteristics(just an hp bar), no way to pause. Also, some of the texts are simply missing and progression is very slow unless you watch tons of ads.. Once I figured out how to play it's been great..

Usual tower defence game just as enjoyable.. Enjoyed the first few levels. Edit realy enjoy this game gone 20 or more levels. When I was doing harder levels in the past to collect enough stars to play the next level (144 stars needed). Bought a new laptop and so far starting at level 1 now.. I love this game... Easy to play... Most of all NOT BORING Thank you Defense Legend 4. So far not a bad game. Early days though. Best tower defense game I've ever played. You only get promted to look at ads, to get more rewards. The only two problems are, the lack controls(pause, play, exit) and the star system. You need a certain number of stars to go to next level. Which means playing hard mode on easier levels. In each level you can go to settings at any time to watch 2 ads for an extra 400 each, of points to make upgrades or add extra towers. Needs more playable levels, too..

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