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An unusually bright and colorful strategy Defense Of Greece TD will send players to the era of Ancient Greece in a modern interpretation. Despite the fact that almost all units are equipped in the style of Ancient Greece, the army is armed with a variety of robots, steam engines and ships.

List of Promo Codes Expiration date
CY604GU3HV7 September 6, 2022
IM2RK193TF October 12, 2022
38LSVKFG7 October 3, 2022
KBAFRHVIYUX August 27, 2022
EKLXFDPH58U0 September 15, 2022
7ACXMYFTB0W October 3, 2022

You can go from private to general. In this case, you will have to participate in a large number of epic battles and battles. Upgrade your weapons and military equipment. Upgrade your units. You will be attacked by more than fourteen types of enemy, both from the air and from the sea. Use Fire Bombs, Fire Rain, and Ice Bombs during combat.

Be carefull! The infantry, although not very agile, but under the cover of robots, mechanoids and guns, it is able to move deep into your territory.

You can upgrade your combat vehicles with the help of five types of additionally installed mechanisms. Do not forget that in order for you to move forward through the levels, of which there are more than 60 in the game, you need to solve interesting quests along the way.

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