Codes - Updated on July 30, 2022

Defense Zone 2 HD Lite has been remastered and is now even more spectacular. By downloading the updated game to your mobile device, you will get a unique opportunity to fight new opponents and use brand new weapons to confront.

List of CodesExpiration date
O5CWJEV17T0September 12, 2022
EVAX1IDQPMSeptember 2, 2022
S0LN9ZUHMSeptember 4, 2022
DPC2FWIY8UBSeptember 22, 2022
XJEHLQMY1U08August 10, 2022
423K79OLYWNSeptember 19, 2022

The game has long been popular among strategy fans. And in the new version of the application provides even more features. In addition, now Defense Zone 2 HD Lite has become truly versatile. Each player can choose the most suitable difficulty level. For example, for beginners, easy and medium strategies are more suitable, and for experienced players, the most difficult levels.

In addition, you get a unique opportunity to freely choose your battle tactics. Defense Zone 2 HD Lite has a lot of new locations, and a huge arsenal of weapons allows you to create your own strategies to fight the enemy. But remember that the key to victory is in choosing the right weapon and location.

For your victories, you will be awarded bonus points that you can use to improve your weapons in preparation for confrontation with the most powerful enemy.

The game is free to download, but contains embedded ads that can be disabled in the settings.

Download ( V1.7.0 )
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