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Defense Zone HD Lite is an incredibly beautiful and realistic tactical action game in the base defense genre. Meet enemy tanks with heavy fire from stationary firing systems.

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This game is for those who are tired of vyryglazny fantasy landscapes and fictional enemies. Here you will find many realistically designed maps: snow-covered fields, steppe or desert. A high degree of graphics detail allows you to see if not every grain of sand, then every blade of grass – for sure. And real military equipment will break through to your base: tanks, armored cars and infantry fighting vehicles.

Prepare a warm welcome for enemy vehicles. Install stationary cannons, turrets with machine guns, rocket launchers, grenade launchers and fantastic electric field generators along the road. Guns differ in firing range, power, rate of fire and, of course, price. Each level will require its own tactics.

Destroy the enemy on the way. Each next wave of opponents will be more powerful and armored, so you will also have to upgrade your defense. Decide where to invest your budget: buying something new or improving existing installations.

You will have the opportunity to choose one of three difficulty levels before the start of each new stage, so that the game brings pleasure to every player.

Download ( V1.11.1 )
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