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Survival games are so popular, and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince has been known all over the world for so long, its hero is so charismatic that sooner or later they had to meet. Just imagine: the little prince is trying to survive on his little planet while taking care of it, uprooting the seeds of harmful baobabs, equipping his house and garden with roses, collecting resources for this and drawing lambs – they come to life, feed on pre-planted grass and provide us and meat, and wool to create warm clothing. And in the evenings, looking at a beautiful sunset, the hero chats for a long time with the beautiful and capricious Rose, which must first be watered and covered with a cap, protecting it from drafts and caterpillars. And if some space tigers suddenly attack the planet, then Rosa can become our faithful assistant in battle – after all, she also has claws, four sharp spikes …

In Deiland, which will get to Steam on August 9, unfortunately, there is no capricious rose, baobabs and drawn lambs – the authors made the game not according to the book, but according to its motives and mood. And they called it, as you can see, a little differently. Nevertheless, there is also a little prince here who is trying to survive on his small planet, looking for friends and sometimes even goes on trips to other celestial bodies.

Mal, yes daring

The story in Deiland is its own, its own, in which there is no philosophy, metaphors and hidden symbolism, but there is another “very important magical artifact”. According to legend, a long time ago, when the universe was young, people sent children, little princes, to small planets to awaken the magic of crystals hidden in the bowels of a celestial body. In Deiland, we play as Arko, the youngest of these princes, who lives on the tiniest of the minor planets.

At first, he does not know anything about his mission – and in general he does not really know anything. The interstellar patrol girl Moon, who accidentally discovered Arko, explains that he needs to take care of the planet (and himself), and gives the first recipes for “crafting”. And off we go. We make an ax for cutting down trees, a pickaxe for extracting stone and ore, and a chopper for planting carrots, rye and cabbage, and then harvesting.

Eat, sleep, swing!

It is clear that resources are needed for the manufacture of all sorts of useful items and the construction of buildings – a workshop, a kitchen where bread can be baked from the same rye (and with the expansion of the recipe base – other dishes), laboratories where potions are brewed. Arco needs food to keep from starving.

Arco also has a stamina bar. Chopping, planting, collecting, mining and generally doing anything actively, he spends this very stamina, and then starts to yawn, and we have to send him to a well-deserved sleep, first in a small tent, and then when we build a workshop, kitchen and laboratory , into a real home.

Deiland game review

When guests arrive, you first need to find a place for them to land, otherwise they will fly away.

If our little prince has already gained enough experience by that time (and they give him out here literally for every sneeze like cutting down a tree or harvesting), then after sleeping we will be able to pump one of four characteristics to him – strength, dexterity, intelligence or endurance.

The planet is under protection

However, Deiland is not a hardcore “survivor”, but, on the contrary, lamp-like, cozy (look at these screenshots!) and somewhere even childish. Sometimes some wasps, slugs, bats and other bugs attack the planet, but they rarely cause serious problems. Arko famously cracks down on them, brandishing his axe, and even uses spells – this is where strength, dexterity, and intelligence will be needed.

And if he was wounded, then you can heal with carrots, blackberries, or stand by the fire / hearth, made by us. There are also meteor showers from time to time – you need to have time to turn the planet so that falling cobblestones do not damage your garden and do not burn carefully planted trees.

If it suddenly gets really bad, then other characters come to the rescue – for example, the same Moon from the interstellar patrol, which is allowed to be called at any moment, or the dark-skinned Lily from the race of flower nymphs, which is difficult to find and which usually appears by itself when the planet is in danger .

Deiland game review

There is also fishing in the game.

Prince in the garden

Deiland is largely focused not on the process of survival itself, but on farming and caring for their personal plot, which is here only in the story called the planet. You need to build wells and water your beds so that the crops ripen faster. And new crops and trees can be planted only within the range of such wells. At the same time, it is better to wait until a cone or an acorn falls from the tree, and only then cut it for firewood – this way you can replenish the supply of wood and plant new trees from seeds.

The wells are replenished thanks to rain clouds that periodically appear over the planet. You can even twist it so that the clouds water exactly your garden and your trees. Wells, like choppers with axes, come in three levels of toughness and efficiency.

It is also allowed to improve the beds, increasing the stocks of the harvest harvested from them. For this, ropes of thread are needed, for which, in turn, cotton is needed, and it must first be grown from seeds in the garden – such is the cycle of things, objects and seeds in nature!

Deiland game review

Due to the extremely compact size of the planet, it is necessary to communicate, weed the beds and gain experience almost simultaneously.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

In general, connoisseurs of “crafting” and farming in general should be satisfied – there are a lot of recipes and items, everything is worked out in sufficient detail and, as you can see, is even supplemented with a couple of interesting mechanics like exercises with wells and clouds. The hero will not collapse from a cold or bleeding, and he will not have to make difficult decisions. And the authors themselves especially emphasize that Deiland does not impose strict requirements on the player.

And it is precisely this lightness that will become a plus for someone, and a serious minus for someone: playing in places is corny boring. There are few challenges, a lot of routine actions, and quests most often come down to the fact that someone flies to the planet to trade with us, and along the way asks to make a piece of cloth in exchange for cotton seeds and a recipe. That is, again, everything is designed for “crafting” and collecting resources.

Yes, these characters are unique and charismatic in their own way, but they are tritely few. Yes, at night Arco begins to have strange dreams, where someone invisible tells him that he is de Prince of Nothingness. Then there is the opportunity to fly to other planets, for example, to the snowy Ankora, in order to complete special tasks and get items that we ourselves cannot manufacture. But the plot unfolds slowly, and such adventures happen on big holidays.

Deiland game review

This is how we water our planet garden here.


Probably, the fact is that Deiland is a game too “childish”. Yes, she is sweet and pretty, with her wonderful atmosphere, funny characters and the ability to just look at shooting stars in the night sky or watch meteor showers in the evenings – at such moments the spirit of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s story is really felt here. But the lack of a truly serious challenge and too sluggish plot development will not be to everyone’s liking. However, the game hardly hides what it puts on other things, and it does it really well.

Pros: An interesting concept that combines crafting, farming, RPG and survival elements, as well as a simulation of caring for your own planet; funny characters; nice graphics; pleasant music.

Cons: low complexity; a lot of routine.

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