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Departing Terra is an immersive MMO Approach recreation set in a sci-fi apocalyptic world. Individuals lastly failed the earth and wanted to exile themselves to a distant galaxy, Rane, in quest of a model new home. Nonetheless, the journey was not the one downside heading into the long run. A betrayal, treason… or irrespective of what you could title it, broke out and introduced an incredible division of surviving folks, leaving you the Commander of a fleet, going by way of the now-hostile former comrades on this barren and unforgiving areas.

Departing Terra Mod APK 1.1.29 (Unlimited Money)
Plunder property, kind alliances, reinforce bases and outsmart your enemies to prevail as a predator as an alternative of shedding as prey. The battle will in all probability, be cruel. Nonetheless, the rivals will, in all probability be truthful.

This game is abandoned and removed. No way to get back to the servers after leaving it for a while. Does not appear in the company's list either.. Defense is useless it's aweful location. A lot and lots of bug. Boring. Gameplay are dull. Chat box got too many Russians player use money P2W doesn't have the manners and act they own the whole game and developer should do something about that if they want their game attrack more players! This game is BORING!. looks like dead game boring lagged and only few player around that can't speak english in the chat section. over all BORING game!!. Pondering of Russians player and exchanging each other with explicit words and seems the developer doesn't care. The game is boring only a very few player in one server I thing around 12 person was only active left. Graphics is old and gameplay is bad. almost consume 1GB. of my phone memory with this not graphic wise game.. game is obsolete. game mechanics is kinda old and space warship got very strange design like a shoes. Their are only player like 5 - 10 person actively playing these kind of game and trolling each other in the chat sections. Russians player are rude and unfriendly. sorry uninstalled!. The game is new but addictive Still these are one of the best game so far Just needs a better tutorial a catchy one.

buggy game need so updates. not so many player and look like dead game in early release.. bad game. your spaceship you can't control. a lots of bug. a very few player with bad mouth doesn't speak english. Bad community. everything is bad and BORING game.. _Moccamori^^. look empty player game seems like mediocre. chat box got only a few people only 5 to 10 players online? are this game dead or are they bot or something. Their are more game around better than this and I think I saw more far better space galaxy games out there than this game..

this game has only 20 playes active?. Game is quite old and color look dull. their is a lot better rts game which way more better than these game type. Boring and got very few of events. The game looks toward more pay to win to me. Chat box is like a ghost town or all you can read is those Russian player makes nasty word each others. Very bad community chat with no redflag words. Not my cup of tea sorry UNINSTALLED. -2star if I can rate your game.. too many bug too little player rts like CoC but space.. Boring. graphic quality is outdated compared to similar games in 2021... Dead game.. almost 40 players in top 100 rank left the game already...

The one thing this game need, is tier balancing in PVP... As for now rank does not matter, and high-leveled players can rob you of all your resources as long as you're listed in PVP skirmish, which is inevitable.. i was expecting a new space MMO game but this is just an old game Aeon War re-released by Netease which it is going more p2w than before.. no no. Boring.. f2p players can't stand against pop players.. only 5k downloads i won't spend any money yet with only few players around. This game was Aeon War which lived around 4 months only. Now Departing Terra only got 5k downloads with only hundreds active players. Many bugs as well. Try it out but just don't spend money.. this might be a quick cash grab like Aeon War. You've been warned :). It's good.

The game is controlled by only 1 alliance called AMG Aliens and they bully every low ranking player. One player dictate the game his name a.k.a. Dark Specter. I'm member of their alliance but sooner I will quit and find another alliance. The developer should do something to rebalance the game before everyone else quit and find another game. Before you guys installed this game I want you to know that this game rule by 1 player name a.k.a. Dark Specter which is not good a new games.. It's very early days, lots of bugs, balance issues and quality of life optimisations missing. The game is already heavily geared towards p2p players. F2p players will be frustrated and soon move on.. The game is bugged. Can never complete the quest of level 3 refineries to level 3 Restart the game with new account and reinstall the game. Still the same issue .. It is good but in my location in Southeast asia we are the country who have the worst internet speed. The game always tells me " Network Loss, please reconnect" i think we didn't met the require internet speed...if possible to lower it punch it we want to play as long as we want without any pop up issues :(... It's fun super nice graphics i love it!!!.

Great game but plssd make the loading speed faster and after I updated the game I can't open it... It will craft so plssd fix it... need updating about the event time like star scramble, galaxy conquest and 1 more i forget the name. because its 3AM in my country.. More spaceships please... thank you devs. Well, futuristic earth is not impossible.. Is PvP in this game optional? I need to know. I sent you guys an email but I have received nothing.

Can't install. It's good, a little confusing at first but after a day your addicted.. The novice's guidance is detailed, and the battle mode is simple and easy to understand. It's OK to play in spare time.. Cool gameplay and graphics. The views are good and ships look cool.. Like clash of clan but ship (troop) oriented instead of building. -2 star because netease.

I think its quite good but you have more to fix from graphics to controls but over all good job in making the game. The more I play and understand it, the better it gets...!. You dont actually have to pay anything to play this game so cool.. fun Space SLG. Relatively lots to do and accomplish and fairly detailed and complex for a phone based game. Very impressed!. This game has a depth of strategy more than what you can see till higher levels. Well worth working for..

A good game with easy controls and quick progression.. Ok so far. This game is awesome.. I love it.. . App does not work/open.. Just stuck at "Get server address" for more than an hour. Thx samething happened. And pvp back to normal ty.

I just open the game qnd it was amazing the graphics and the sounds it was so cool 5 stars. Pondering why the game needs access to camera, call information and media files like photos, videos and audio. These are kind of sensitive infomation for an app to get access to. Thats just me though. Carry on. Well done its a very uniqur strategy game its quite confusing at first but over all its very good. Thumb up to the art designer, it's so cool to be able to see the whole universe in 360 panoramic view.. Felt a sense of accomplishment when upgrading my warships and hanger..

Pretty good so far, no cheating, no p2w. " Brand new strategy game experience for me really love it.". No pay to win. I love it. Keep this good work.. Mobile-friendly game. Running perfect in Galaxy Note9.. The PVP gameplay looks similar to COC. Love the arts tho..

The game is okay, I personally think the display is too dark and the warships are too small to see their differences.. " Could you please limit the level of the matched opponent? It is impossible to beat a higher level player!". " Fun to fight, but sometimes it just crashed unexpectedly". " Why is Rebel counter-attacks such frequent?". " When laying out the warships, my vision was a three-dimensional sphere floating in the cosmos, yay!".

Overall good, just a few suggestions: the output of alloys and solarium is not quite balanced, I have full alloys but ZERO solarium; there is too little variety of warships, hope to add more later; have to wait too long when upgrading Hanger.. " Game is good but please stop the annoying ad on my page I already download it". " SPACE SCI-FI SLG FOREVER". Feel great, lots of in-game bonus, level 20 now without paying.. Good.

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