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While the happy owners of consoles are mastering Destiny 2 with might and main, fans of keyboards and mice are left to languish in anticipation. But it’s not long now: the PC version of the new MMO shooter will be released on October 24th.

Destiny 2 producer Jared Berbach looked at the last IgroMir. Bungie honored us with their presence for the first time, and we simply could not ignore such a landmark event and not talk to their representative.

Destiny 2 game review
s: Hello! Introduce youreself.

Jared Burbuck: My name is Jared Burbuck and I’m the Producer of Destiny 2. My main job is to steer the development efforts in the same direction. I worked on the beta versions of the project, led the development of many “chips” of the open world.

SG: But have you also had a hand in artificial intelligence?

DB: Yes.

SG: Tell us what is the most interesting and difficult thing about this case.

DB: Oh, there are a lot of difficulties here. I was working on AI when I first got to Bungie. The hardest part of creating AI is bringing together the work of all the authors. Because this is the point where you need to consider 3D modeling, design, code and much more at the same time. All these different areas of activity must be brought to the same denominator.

SG: In Destiny 2, each type of enemy is unique, each has its own line of behavior. Name the most, in your opinion, smart enemy.

DB: Personally, as a player, the Fallen bother me the most. They are constantly on the move and are good at running and hiding. But as a designer, I like the new Cabals, like Gladiators with swords.

Destiny 2 game review
SG: The story in the second part is better than in the first. But many players are still unhappy. What do you think are the main challenges of writing a story for a game like Destiny?

DB: The plot is very important to us. In the first part, we paid a lot of attention to it, but it was received a little differently than we would like. Therefore, in Destiny 2, we especially focused on characters and a vibrant story. In the future, we are going to develop the plot in the same manner, the main bet is on memorable characters, through them we will reveal the world.

SG: Don’t you think MMO shooters like Destiny don’t really need a story?

DB: No. Of course, Destiny is first and foremost a shooter. But he needs an interesting story to make people want to explore his world. It complements the gameplay.

SG: Indeed, you have created an entirely new universe from scratch. How difficult was it?

DB: Very difficult. We have a whole department of cool screenwriters working on the history of the world. It is very important, because it is the basis of the player’s personal story, the answer to the question “Why? Why should we fight?”

SG: What inspired you to create the Destiny setting?

DB: I can’t name the exact sources of inspiration for the people who created the first Destiny. But with regard to the second, I can definitely say that it was, among other things, Star Wars. Destiny 2 allows you to immerse yourself in the world, explore it (scan some object). You can dig deeper at any point in the story if you wish.

Destiny 2 game review
SG: Destiny’s shooter mechanics feel like one of the best in the genre – the shooting feels great. What’s the secret?

DB: I can’t say exactly what, but I do know that the people who are responsible for the work of weapons and armor are in love with their work. They understand that shooting is the most important thing, and they really put a lot of time into checking how this or that weapon feels.

SG: I heard that the PC version will differ from the console version in some ways – for example, the aiming system will be different. What else will change?

DB: Yes, indeed, the balance of weapons and aiming will be different. A lot of things that feel good on consoles don’t work well on keyboards and mice. Therefore, for personal computers, we develop everything almost from scratch, focusing on the experience of PC players.

SG: What is your team working on now?

DB: Over many things. We currently have two expansions in development. They have not been announced, but everyone knows that they are being prepared. I am forced to remain silent about the details. But like the first Destiny, we’ll be working hard on expanding the content.

SG: And how often will you please us with updates?

DB: I can’t say anything about the future yet, unfortunately. The game was released at the beginning of September, and we have already made Leviathan and many other additional things. This week we added Faction Race, a new feature. Iron Banner coming soon.

SG: When can we expect new “raids”?

DB: While we’re not talking about new “raids”, let’s first master the “Leviathan”. I really like him.

Destiny 2 game review
SG: Yes, me too.

DB: Really? What did you like?

SG: Yes, everything – level design, complex tasks.

DB: Thank you. I like team interaction the most. And this is generally the coolest thing about Destiny for me – playing with friends, chatting. The co-op mechanics are really cool.

SG: What about ranked PvP?

DB: Yes, it’s important. But for now, we can’t announce anything.

SG: Another important detail that surprised me and many other players is the three weapon slots. “Shotguns” and swords in it get along with all sorts of “superguns”. Why? Why is a classic like the shotgun now exotic?

DB: We created a three-slot system so that you feel more freedom in “customization”. The third slot is for powerful weapons that tear apart the bad guys. Yes, shotguns are a classic, but when you fire them at an enemy, they shatter into pieces! In the first Destiny, they weren’t as powerful. And then – right “BOOM”! We wanted players to feel the power of shotguns. So they ended up in the third cell.

SG: The game has become more generous. Now it is easier to find the right “gun”, more good drops out of opponents. This is a good innovation. It is significant because it changes the perception of gameplay rhythm. Are you planning more such radical changes in the future? If so, which ones?

DB: Yes, right now we are collecting and analyzing people’s reactions to the changes in Destiny 2. We are a studio that listens to the fans, what they think is important to us. In general, I won’t say anything specifically – everything is decided by the community.

Destiny 2 game review
SG: By the way, are you satisfied with the reaction of players to Destiny 2?

DB: Yes, it’s great.

SG: Is there any information about your plans for the future that you can share?

DB: No, we don’t disclose anything. But new content is on the way. PC version on the 24th is the most important thing now. Especially in Russia. It’s very cool here. Follow the news!

SG: Thank you! All the best!

DB: Good luck!

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