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Destiny, like it or not, is currently unique in the MMO shooter genre. Grinding, non-stop shooting, gun fetishism – these three pillars are the mechanics of Bungie’s creation. It was foolish to expect from the second part of a change in concept or some unexpected gameplay solutions. The developers did exactly what the players were waiting for – fixed bugs, decorated everything and everyone, added a bunch of pleasant little things to every gameplay aspect.Destiny 2 game review

Bright engrams make bright modifiers.

Vex, Exo, Cabal…

Original and immense “lore” Destiny. Creating a unique universe, the scriptwriters gave it their all and wrote a long, rich history of the local world. It seems that Homer’s fans worked on it – the events here are hardly inferior to the Iliad and the Odyssey in terms of epicness.

However, you will not find experts on these events with fire. For, as in the case of the first part, it is unlikely that you will be able to pull out ordered information from the game itself – everyone who is interested has to get acquainted with the “lore” on the Web.

Despite the stinginess of general information, the plot turned out to be the first and most valuable gift from the developers to the fans. The Earth has once again been enslaved by evil forces, once again the last hope for the Guardian, and once again the good races will have to defend their place under the Wanderer in unison. Let the script be absolutely nothing of itself, now it is at least clearly presented.

Now we always understand what kind of creatures lead the headquarters of the forces of good, why their faces are tightened with anxious wrinkles, and why a billion clips need to be emptied to save the world. The joyful moment was the appearance of a distinct antagonist. The head of the Red Legion, Ghaul, gives pathos dialogues, throws pathos glances and pathos gestures. Quite a typical villain with exorbitant ambitions. But it’s nice to watch him thanks to good videos.

Destiny 2 has become the same epic tale of the great deeds of races, peoples and heroes, and individual characters with their motives and characters huddle in their shadow. The story turned out to be so linear, predictable and full of dull dialogues that by the middle you start to simply ignore the context of what is happening.

Yes, Destiny does not need subtle psychological play or dashing scenario entries. But simple stories, drama, personalities could revive and improve the plot. There is a war outside – but there is not a single scripted scene on the planets that conveys the tragedy of events. The portrait of each character is schematic: Zavala is a noble warrior, Ghaul is an unscrupulous evil, Cade is a merry fellow… However, none of them is really involved in what is happening. So it turned out that there is a written world, epicness and scale in Destiny 2, and from the perspective of a simple player, there are only templates and flat characters around.

Destiny 2 game review

Some landscapes are traditionally majestic and beautiful…

Eh, destiny…

But it is our comrades-in-arms who act as a mechanism that gives the non-stop shooter at least some sense. They buzz non-stop on the radio, trying to explain to the Guardian in which direction to wreak havoc. “We’ll have to destroy three ancient plasma panel generators, after destroying the psi-energy fields above them, feeding on power from the portal of the fallen,” if such a briefing generates interest in you, then you are in luck. Because 90% of all dialogues come down to something like this.

In the case of Destiny, this has little effect on the perception of the gameplay. After all, as a shooter, she is incomparable. Feelings from the weapon are the same as in the first part – each “gun” has its own character. Enemies are smart, numerous and varied. The dynamics and spectacle of battles are at their best. The soundtrack is also not far behind: both the musical themes and the effects of hits, such as the lowing of wounded kabals, fit exactly into the process. Shooting is very pleasant, thanks to which the endless carnage does not bother even without a decent narrative design.

There are more than enough reasons to arrange a shooting range here: the story campaign is just a drop in the ocean of various entertainments in Destiny 2.

Public events are a kind of three-minute local missions in which all nearby heroes can take part. Compared to the first part in Destiny 2, they are held more often, and the content has become more diverse.

“Adventure” – amazing side missions, which, in fact, are branches of the main story. Passing them is strictly necessary, because they are dozens of hours of gameplay with unique locations and monsters. Each of them has its own script and dialogues. This is a great way not only to gain knowledge about the world, but also to improve the hero.

Strikes are co-op missions, each with its own little storyline and a powerful “boss” at the end. While there are only six of them – after a couple of days, repeated passages will get boring. But since strikes are one of the main sources of useful gizmos, variety is of primary importance here. Let’s hope the next DLC fixes the situation.

Destiny 2 game review

… And some were created by haters of Euclidean geometry. But they are wonderful too.

At first, you will always have a reason to shoot in the name of some good cause. When you get to higher levels, the doors to “adult” entertainment will open before you. In general, the user gains access to new activities gradually, as the character develops. And it keeps the gameplay rhythm very cool: after completing the campaign and reaching level 200, you will find out that the adventure is just beginning. Ahead are the complex Nightfalls (who could have come up with the idea to introduce a timer into them?), Meditations, and ordinary tests, and raids … By the way, the first of them, Leviathan, turned out to be very worthy.

fashion sentence

There’s plenty of content here to eliminate over a hundred hours from your life. But the main motive that makes players wake up with the thought of launching Destiny 2 will always remain one thing – the desire to put the best armor on the hero and find the most powerful “gun”. After the completion of the storyline, the real struggle for weapons will begin. New opportunities will open up for improving the character, which will gradually acquire legendary and exotic “loot”, as well as look for engrams, the decoding of which will give both functionally useful things and purely cosmetic trash: gestures, dances, ships, and so on. You can also dress up the Guardian for real money – cosmetic microtransactions are provided for inveterate mods.

The updated equipment system is convenient, but raises some questions. In particular, the hero can carry three types of weapons with him – conventional, energy (to eliminate shields) and power. For the third slot, not only grenade launchers and all sorts of plasma guns are intended, but also sniper rifles, shotguns and swords. This is a rather strange decision, because in the third “pocket” we may have “guns” for various purposes (both for close combat and for long-range combat). In addition, you feel ridiculous when you can’t take more than ten shotgun shells with you (albeit lethal ones) and have to treat them like some kind of super-shells.

The range of weapons and clothing in Destiny 2 is simply huge. It is understandable – the social element obliges to give players maximum scope for “customization”. The system of classes and subclasses migrated from the first part. For each new level we are given one point, designed to improve skills. But holistic character development is now expressed as a strength indicator, which is affected by all active items.

Destiny 2 game review

We really need a Herald, don’t we? Truth? Not! We need action and meat!

You can get a new “loot” in several ways: knocking out a random “gun” on the battlefield, completing tasks, increasing reputation among factions. You can improve the assortment offered by merchants at the expense of “tokens” or planetary resources. Engrams now have a fixed light value, so you need to decrypt them immediately after receiving them. There are a lot more things to drop than in the first part – the path to the treasured equipment has become easier and clearer.

The same applies to the weapon upgrade system. Each thing has a set of initially active elements, but we can also set various modifiers. The influence of clothing on the individual characteristics of the hero is insignificant here – by and large, the value of the item is completely contained in the increase in strength granted by it. The good news is that the process of “grinding” feels much less routine – the thought “Well, after how many light years of extermination of the fallen will I get something?” almost never occurs. The developers saved the time of users and on the transitions between the planets – now it is not necessary to go into orbit.

In general, there are a lot of such trifles that allow Destiny 2 to be called an excellent work on bugs. Some of them, however, may seem dubious to some players. So, the fusion system allows you to increase the parameter of a rifle that has sunk into your soul by using a stronger “gun” for scrap. However, a lot of valuable fragments are spent on the procedure, having accumulated which you can immediately buy a first-class “barrel”. Whether the merger is beneficial from this point of view is a big question.

Galactic Community

The main advantage of Destiny 2 is that, although all of its gameplay comes down to shooting in all directions, the developers managed to diversify this process as much as possible. The long shelf life of the project was ensured by perfectly working shooter mechanics, many types of weapons and enemies, as well as a social component. Destiny is primarily a multiplayer game: without a battle group, not only will you not be able to start certain tasks, but you will also not experience the full range of emotions.Destiny 2 game review

The celestial atlas is understandable, and most importantly, convenient.

Clans have finally officially appeared in the game. By completing tasks, their members improve the banner and receive various bonuses. The innovation made life easier for lone Guardians, because in the “Twilight raids” and “raids” there is an option to pass with a mentor – advanced members of a clan can take a beginner with them on a mission.

PvP battles have undergone minor changes. The number of team members has decreased to four, and the maps have become more compact, due to which the dynamics have increased. Added several new modes, “sharpened” for team interaction. In general, without communication with party members, the chances of winning are significantly reduced. The correct use of the abilities of the three classes and the coordination of movements mean much more than the ability of an individual player to make headshots. Although this skill is quite important – especially with a gamepad in hand.

The presence of many other Guardians significantly enlivens the world – each of them goes about his business. Anyone can be invited to the group, show him a gesture or examine the property he has acquired.

But it is worth admiring not only the contents of the inventory of the Guardians running around, because the locations themselves here are simply incredibly beautiful. Technologically, the second part has gone only a little further than its predecessor, but the design here is so magnificent that the eyes never cease to rejoice – each planet stands out with color and is ready to satisfy your aesthetic needs with a majestic spectacle.

Huge wrecked ships covering the horizon, massive and mysterious buildings on the satellite of Io or dead landscapes of the Earth – large-scale locations not only provide scope for battles, but also inspire the user to explore. There are secret places, and hidden chests, and new “Abandoned Territories” with useful things and strong enemies, and just curious from an aesthetic point of view. The map is clear and easy to use.

Destiny 2 game review

It rained and the cabal empire fell.


Destiny 2 is definitely better than the first. However, it is difficult to call it an ideal game. In a sense, she became a hostage of her own setting. A setting in which the characters are races, peoples, planets – but not individual characters with their stories and characters. It is extremely difficult to create a soul-stirring plot, drama, dialogue in this situation. Namely, Destiny 2 lacks them: meaningless skirmishes turn into a struggle for independence, the development of the Guardian into the birth of a legend of this world, and empty talk on the radio into fascinating and important conversations of heroes with original views and biographies.

Pros: great shooter mechanics; an endless variety of weapons and clothing; majestic landscapes; many activities providing dozens of hours of gameplay; the appearance of clans, the acceleration of the “grind”, the simplification of “pumping” and character customization, as well as many other small details that the first part lacked.

Cons: with the plot and characters – no luck.

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