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The second part is a direct plot continuation of the pilot game. Users again find themselves in the world of Sanctuary, where they have to overcome various opponents and destroy the main boss Diablo. The game has gained particular popularity among fans of role-playing gaming, keeping users occupied with a wealth of content and interesting characters. The Diablo 2 interface has been translated into Russian.

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Game Review

The player will have to go through story and local quests to get to the main boss – Diablo. The user can choose the required character from several classes: Amazon, necromancer, sorceress, druid, etc. Each hero has his own unique abilities. They can be improved as you progress, because. gameplay allows you to earn experience and skill points. Character leveling allows you to fight monsters more effectively.

All quests are divided into 4 story acts, and the gameplay is implemented in various modes. Campaigns can be played alone, and users can team up and play online. In co-op mode, quests become more difficult. In single player mode, the game offers several difficulty levels to choose from, which determine the health and stamina of the bosses, as well as the rank that the player receives. Enemies in Diablo 2 are controlled by artificial intelligence.

Progress through the story is carried out using in-game dialogues. As you progress, players will have to collect items and resources. Chests, caches, and kegs can contain useful items of equipment that affect the characteristics of heroes. If inventory space runs out, extra items can be sold at vendors. The player can spend the money received on the purchase of elixirs, weapons, armor and mercenaries. Also, heroes are given the opportunity to create their own items using the Horadric Cube.

Analogues for Android

Diablo II was originally developed for PC, so building for mobile devices is not supported. As a replacement, users can try the similar game Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal

The application is an addition to the worlds of Diablo, and the plot unfolds between the second and third parts of the original game. The user will again find himself in familiar locations that have been transferred from computers to smartphones. In Diablo Immortal, the developers have combined the famous setting and new adventures, creating a unique application for fans of the series.

Players will have to fight with updated bosses, explore various locations and get various resources and items. The application supports multiplayer mode and online play, so the characters can team up. By defeating enemies and completing quests, players receive valuable rewards and useful experience points that can be spent on developing the character’s skills.

Instructions for installing Diablo 2 on Android

If you want to play Diablo 2 specifically, watch the video above. You need to download and install the Windows emulator for Android ExaGear RPG and the cache for it. Download game files (2.36 GB). Unpack everything into specific folders. Launch the game through the emulator. All links in the description under the video on YouTube.

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