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Chronologically, Diablo Immortal takes place between the events shown in Diablo II and Diablo III. The main characters have to prevent the enemies from realizing their cherished desire – to return the Lord of Horror. To do this, the fighters need to complete many difficult tasks, destroying evil creatures along the way with the help of sword and magic. Unlike all previous parts of the series, Diablo Immortal was originally developed for mobile devices – the application was released on June 2, 2022.

How to choose a character class

The passage of the plot begins with the creation of the hero. All fighters are divided into several classes: Monks, Demon Hunters, Crusaders, Necromancers, Wizards, etc. Depending on the chosen class, the player gets access to various combat and magical skills that can be developed using the skill tree. In addition, the class of the hero largely determines his path in the game – the number of additional quests, the availability of builds, the ability to participate in competitions, etc.

Gameplay overview

One of the main advantages of the Diablo Immortal world is its openness. In the process of completing tasks, the characters will have to explore dozens of locations where you can find many treasures. Gems are the most valuable in the game – gems that must be used to enhance equipment. To get a gem, the player needs to explore chests and portals, as well as visit a jeweler.

The features of the RPG should also include a developed system of interaction between the characters. Firstly, the player can communicate with other users, invite them to participate in quests and battles against bosses together. Secondly, heroes can join one of three factions – “Shadows”, “Immortals” and “Adventurers”. Fractions actively compete with each other, which can, on the one hand, complicate, on the other hand, diversify the passage. Newcomers automatically become members of the adventurer faction.

How to install in Russia

Recently, some users are having problems downloading the game to their phone, which leads them to the question of how to play Diablo Immortal in Russia. For successful installation, the user must create a new Google account with VPN enabled, indicating the region of residence outside the Russian Federation or Belarus. Without turning off the VPN, you need to clear the cache of the Play Market application, re-enter it through a foreign account and start downloading files. After entering the game, you can turn off VPN, change the translation into Russian and enjoy the passage.

Player Feedback

Despite the high popularity of RPG from Blizzard, many fans of the world of Diablo were unhappy with the new part. The claims of the players are related to the fact that the pumping of characters requires large investments of real money. Many complaints were made through the Metacritic service, as a result of which users “dropped” Diablo Immortal’s rating to 0.4 points out of 10 possible. However, as noted by some players, no improvements have yet been observed.

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