News - Updated on March 29, 2022

Battlefield 2042 was not as successful as planned Electronic Arts. The number of players continues to decline, but DICE does not give up trying to straighten the shooter. The studio has announced upcoming changes to the basic map design.

DICE identified five areas for improvement:

  • Too much distance between spawn points and flags. This is a consequence of the scale of locations Battlefield 2042 – the game features some of the largest maps in the series, designed for battles for 128 people. It got to the point that gamers began to call the shooter a “walking simulator”, and the developers did not leave it unattended. Work is already underway to reduce movement between points on maps.

  • Combat Intensity Issues: Too many users or vehicles in one area. This again applies to 128-man battles, and is especially acute in the Breakthrough mode, in which there are two targets per sector. The team set out to fight the chaos by reducing the number of participants and vehicles.

A couple of examples with possible changes to deal with the problems voiced. The first is the Breakthrough mode, sector A on the Kaleidoscope map, and the second is the Capture mode, the Kaleidoscope map.

  • Many maps are open, flat areas with no place to hide. This leads to the fact that gamers can be finished off from a very long distance. DICE plans to provide more hiding options, which should shift the focus away from ranged combat.

  • Another problem was the lack of clear paths to the goals of the mission. Without them, gamers move randomly across the battlefield, which is why they come under fire from all sides. The solution is to create clearer paths between goals. This should keep you focused in combat and make it easier to understand where and how to move.

  • The last point is related to the third – the lack of shelters in open areas. There will be more places to hide behind, as well as a reduction in the number of areas that can be shot through 360 degrees.

Map changes will be introduced gradually. Among the first – “Kaleidoscope” in both “Breakout” and “Capture” modes. The location will change sometime during the first season. DICE continues to collect feedback to make the game better. If you have something to convey to the developers, head to the thematic forum.

Also from the latest news – update 3.3 for Battlefield 2042 with an improved leaderboard, moved to next week.

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