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Survival games are usually pain, darkness, constant search for resources, fires for rest and cooking, building fortifications, and so on. And also death, death and more death, to learn from mistakes and try again. Die Young also has some of this, but the authors emphasize that this is not a classic survival game. Our main task here is to escape. Therefore, the focus is on dynamics and parkour, which is why all this periodically wants to be called “Mirror’s Edge in Nature”.

Extreme tourism

Although the plot of Die Young is in many ways reminiscent of another game – Far Cry 3. A group of young people come to relax on a picturesque island in the Mediterranean, and there shock, nightmare and horror begin. The main character, a typical Komsomol member, a beauty and an athlete, a lover of outdoor activities and cheerful companies, finds herself almost buried alive at the bottom of a deep well. Having somehow got out, she begins to look for her friends, but she finds mostly corpses and scary men with huge axes, who seem to have escaped from the filming of a horror movie.

Now the girl needs to escape from the island as quickly as possible. The key task for the whole game is this – to run away. How to do it, where to run, what are these ruins? Who is in that fortress? And where are my friends? At first, nothing is clear, the game offers complete freedom to explore the island – except to jump into the sea and simply swim away, for obvious reasons, we will not be allowed.

Quick Research

But at the same time, the authors do not leave the player alone with himself and unclear goals. Did you run to the aforementioned ruins, or a fortress, or some other house? The game will immediately put a corresponding checkmark in the diary and offer to explore this place. And there will definitely be something important or useful – new equipment, another note that sheds light on the terrible things that are happening around, the corpse of another friend or girlfriend …

There are many such interesting places, and all of them are quite compactly located. You can save and cook at fairly frequent fires. So there are no aimless long wanderings through dangerous terrain, when the character periodically falls from fatigue, hunger or dehydration. Everything is subject to the dynamics and the story that unfolds on this strange and terrible (albeit very beautiful) piece of land. And with each discovered and explored point on the map, we are getting closer to solving this problem.

Die Young game review

The poor girl has to see this all the time.

Hide and run!

It is to maintain a high pace in Die Young that there is no particular shortage of resources. There are many sources of water, plants for creating first-aid kits and other useful preparations according to the found recipes come across at every step and are collected literally on the run. You can hunt animals, cut meat and skins – the first must be roasted at the stake, and the second will be used to make weapons or, for example, bags that increase inventory and ingredient limits.

So our heroine rarely suffers from dehydration, and there is no separate level of hunger at all – it is actually equated to the character’s health indicator. And again, at almost every step you come across bushes with fruits that both heal and quench your thirst.

Another thing is that the weapons we made (for example, knives) break quite quickly, and the girl herself runs for a long time in very light and in no way protective clothes – at first there are not even shoes. And throughout the game we are busy looking for more advanced equipment, which is often located next to the corpses. At the same time, even if you find shoes on the body of your now dead girlfriend, it will be only one sneaker, and the second one will still have to be recaptured from the biting dog.

Die Young game review

Putting a block in a fight with him, having only a stick or a knife in your hands, is useless – you have to run!

About the benefits and harm

Therefore, what is happening in Die Young cannot be called an easy run. Men with axes kill literally with a couple of blows, and there are other human enemies, and various aggressive animals like wolves, wild boars and the same dogs. And even rats bite very painfully. Sometimes it’s useless to run away – and the dynamics are replaced by stealth, hiding in tall grass and throwing stones to divert the attention of enemies.

In addition, the girl gets injured after falling. And she has to jump, as I said, all the time. In all these ruins, fortresses, houses, caves and mines, we jump and climb walls, stones, planks, roofs in much the same way as we did in Mirror’s Edge. This mechanic is implemented well, there are really difficult sections that require coordination and dexterity. So the parkour in Die Young was a success.

What can not be said about optimization. The graphics in the game itself are excellent, bright and picturesque. But downloads here can take an inexorably long time. Crashes happen from time to time, scripts or even saves break.

Often you have to jump in very dangerous conditions.


Despite the technical problems typical for indie games (and not only for them), Die Young looks very cheerful. It compares favorably with many other “survivors” in its high pace and focus not on constantly starving and dying in search of resources, but on exploring the island on the path to freedom. It turned out to be a really beautiful, dynamic and atmospheric thriller with elements of survival, and not vice versa.

Pros: tense story; high pace; the island is interesting to explore; relevant elements of parkour and stealth; an abundance of opportunities for crafting a variety of items; picturesque picture; quality voice acting.

Cons: survival mechanics are unpretentious compared to other games of this genre; poor optimization, crashes and bugs.

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