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Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II appears on the radar infrequently. A new reason to write about the game – an interview with a combat designer Ninja Theory Juan Fernandez to the Spanish edition of Vandal.

According to the developer, the battles in the sequel will be different from those in the original. This is partly due to the fact that, in terms of battles, the first Hellblade there were no stars from the sky:

least in the first Hellblade I was satisfied with the low variety of enemies and the lack of ranged combat, as well as the balance – the complexity and too much health of the opponents, which often exhausted me. You had a lot of attacks and combos, but there was no particular need to use them. The players found two or three favorite moves and kept repeating them. In addition, there were very generous parry timings that should have been better balanced.

In addition, the designer believes that the continuation will have the same strong impression on the players as the first part. Due to what they intend to achieve such an effect, it is still, alas, unknown:

We raise the bar by doing more with less. More people work on the game than on the first Hellbladebut the quality we can deliver compared to another team of similar size is sky-high in my opinion.

What I like about Hellblade IIso this is a unique approach to development – I think the game will have the same impact as the original Hellblade, but for other reasons. Obviously, there were a lot of things in the first game that won’t be as impressive in the second one. However, the sequel will have a whole bunch of other novelties that will have no less effect on the audience.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II will look at PC and Xbox Series. There is still no release date.

PC, Xbox Series X | S

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