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Digfender is an unusual and exciting game for Android mobile devices. The developers decided to try something new, mixing different game genres, and they quite succeeded. And colorful graphics, a simple control mechanism and bright special effects added to the attractiveness of the application.

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
2FCR68NVKA5 August 29, 2022
JCMQ279DYZ August 14, 2022
6G7J5EQW3 July 31, 2022
P7ORN3D2QKF September 2, 2022
T8O0QKEAG17P September 13, 2022
0QZWFPY9SI3 September 3, 2022

Imagine yourself as the owner of a picturesque estate with rich and fertile lands. But that’s bad luck, countless treasures still need to be found and they are not just anywhere, but in the depths of their own castle. Well, take a shovel and quickly start searching. You will find not only gold and jewelry, but also other useful resources. But remember that one wrong action, and you will open a passage for enemy creatures that strive to occupy your castle. Install defense structures and battle towers that can withstand the onslaught of bloodthirsty creatures. Upgrade them and think over a defense strategy. In the game, you can try your hand at more than 70 missions of varying difficulty or fight in multiplayer mode with friends and prove your superiority.

Install Digfender on your mobile device, collect gold and minerals and build a reliable defense against hordes of evil monsters.

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