News - Updated on March 29, 2022

Technical analysis Elden Ring from Digital Foundry is delayed – the specialists were asked to make an analysis based on the patch of the first day. In the process of preparing a full-fledged material, the DF team shared their first impressions of the performance of the new product on PC and fresh consoles. These impressions turned out to be mixed – you can play, but there is no question of impeccable smoothness.

Here is what Digital Foundry writes in its note:

  • Versions for the PlayStation and Xbox Series X offer two modes of operation – with an emphasis on frame rate and picture quality. In both cases, the frame rate jumps noticeably: in performance mode Elden Ring gives out 45-60 fps, and in quality mode – 30-60 fps. At the same time, the game rarely reaches the top bar. In general, the frame rate on the PS5 is higher than on the Xbox Series X, but neither platform performs perfectly.

  • On the Xbox, the situation is partially saved by system support for variable refresh rates (VRR), but you need an appropriate display to enable it.

  • PS5 does not support VRR, so for now the only solution for those who want to increase the smoothness of the gameplay is to play the PS4 version on PS5: in this case, you can get a stable 60 frames per second. However, the PS4 build runs at a lower resolution and lower graphics settings.

  • PC version Elden Ring suffers from “stuttering”. Experts mention two types of “brakes”:
    • The first ones happen when new effects, enemies or locations appear on the screen. As you progress, the problem begins to remind of itself less often.

    • The second type of “stuttering” seems to be related to the loading of new areas of the world. The problem manifests itself in different ways: sometimes when moving from one zone to another several times per minute there is a slight loss of frames, and sometimes the frame rate drops from 60 fps to 40+.

  • Playing on a monitor with VRR support improves the situation, but in this sense, the computer version still loses to the console version, where there are no similar “stutters”.

  • DF complains about other flaws Elden Ring for PC – there is no support for ultra-wide screens, the 60 fps limit cannot be removed, and the graphic settings are not clear enough. Experts advise not to take on the passage yet and wait for updates.

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