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February 12, 2017


Better not click the sonar, but open your eyes: bottom mines are swaying in front of the floats – there are no less of them here than acne on the face of our cabin boy. With such things you need to be more careful, if you catch one, the submarine will be blown to shreds. Damn this ocean. Since humanity survived the catastrophe, all the land was flooded, and the water was covered with a layer of ice, the ruins of ancient cities have only been falling apart, creating unnecessary obstacles. And now, because of the collapse of the tunnel, we have to look for a way closer to the bottom, where few people swim. From the growing pressure in the sides of the submarine, rivets creak, a siren cuts in – you can’t go lower, the air in the cylinders is coming to an end … Welcome to Diluvion.

Depth over 300

If you have a very small studio – like, for example, Arachnid Games – and the budget at the same time leaves much to be desired, then without original ideas, there is nothing to think about raising funds through Kickstarter. Luckily, Diluvion is all right with creative novelty, so the trump card game comes in. Here you have a post-apocalypse, where people survive in the abyss of the ocean, and are forced to use submarines to move around. And an amusing environment inspired by Jules Verne’s novel “20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” mixed with steampunk in the spirit of Hayao Miyazaki’s “Flying Castle” and even “Rifters” by Peter Watts. And FTL: Faster Than Light with Dark Souls as a source of inspiration for the developers. The hand is already counting the banknotes by itself, isn’t it?

The authors also approached the gameplay creatively. Diluvion combines a 3D submarine simulator and crew manager with 2D adventure elements. The whole action is connected with the first aspect: choosing one of the three models of submarines, you plunge into a quiet post-apocalyptic whirlpool, where, as expected, there are devils – pirates, competitors, daredevils of all stripes. After defeating anyone in a duel, you can search the enemy ship in search of anything of value: books, location maps, fish skeletons, tools, spare parts, money and food. If you’re lucky, you’ll also find an additional oxygen tank – this goodness in Diluvion is consumed once or twice.

In addition to battles, the submarine comes in handy for exploring the ocean. Reminders of the former world are scattered here and there: here you are making your way between power lines sticking out of the bottom, here you find an abandoned research base or an artifact, you enter into battle with a drone forgotten under water, and there, apparently, there is no time was the subway. Having dismantled the ruins of an ancient civilization, people equipped entire fortresses and cities under water, which it makes sense to visit, if not for trade, then for the sake of new crew members, replenishment of supplies and local gossip, for sure.

The helmsman is drunk – the horizon is littered.

This is how you experience the 2D side of Diluvion. Cartoon-style trading posts, bars, workshops – everywhere there is someone to exchange a few words with, drive prey at half price or just find out information over a mug of grog. The search of wrecked submarines and abandoned stations is again strictly on the plane. But the main occupation in 2D is crew management. As if in the already mentioned FTL: Faster Than Light, you need to distribute the sailors into the deckhouses: one is at the helm, the second is bearing, the third is in charge of the torpedo room, and someone just does what is lying in the cockpit on a hammock. But it doesn’t matter – this dunce will also come in handy when you need to repair a perforated body. In addition to masters of their craft, you can hire apprentices, and since each Diluvion character has characteristics, the servants of any cutting in total improve its efficiency. In order to pull up the performance even more than before, they were allowed to develop individual crew members – with the help of pendants, rare but useful finds.

Why are there trophies, there is even a personal base for the crew, although the money collected through Kickstarter was clearly not enough for it. With pretty decent music, a unique style, and mechanics from different genres squeezed in a pressure chamber, Diluvion offers all the treasures of Poseidon for just over three hundred rubles. See the trick here? Not? And he is.

You go into a bar to skip a little, and then this.

Submarine blowing bubbles

It’s damn inconvenient to control a submarine: it leads somewhere all the time, you quickly go berserk from inertia, and if you get into an undercurrent in a minefield, you want to delete the game altogether. Keeping up with a traveling merchant and lassoing him with mooring lines is already a problem. The gameplay predictably leaks in battles as well. Usually everything happens like this: when a torpedo flies into the stern from nowhere, you start spinning wildly to catch the villain in the scope, but keeping something in sight, if it’s not tears or sweat from your forehead, is very difficult. You have to shoot almost at random – if only the enemy maneuvered along the course. The siren roars and flashes red, balloons and latches burst, the camera dances a lezginka, the view is suddenly blocked by a school of fish or the texture of some rock – Captain Nemo would not have dreamed of such a thing in a nightmare.

Another, pardon the pun, pitfall is the presentation of the plot. Who prevented the developers from writing down all the dialogues in the log? Or place markers on the map with mission objectives? Or at least allow you to put such marks yourself … Sometimes in Diluvion you spend a lot of time thinking like “Where did they say to sail – to the west, to the east?” or “So, we need to search the Reinfjord … Wait, where is it?”. You look at the map – nothing. You look in the magazine – only a minimum of information, no explanations. You turn on the compass – why? Anyway, I forgot where to go.

At such moments, you pray not to be attacked – you can’t see a damn thing!

The game could be saved by interesting tasks – here they are present in the larval stage. For example, recruiting a crew member from prisoners or a sailor who has flown off the coils, who locked himself in the wheelhouse at an abandoned station, and when released, either kills one of yours or shares his belongings. But no! Well, you need to invent it – are you out of your mind? Let’s better collect ten of these things and twenty-five of those at the bottom of the ocean. Yes, look in the impenetrable darkness for another barrel with a porthole. Is it difficult to navigate underwater? Have you seen the maps here? You can’t navigate them at all. How do you think Columbus discovered America? With a GPS navigator, or what? If you wanted to know about the Arachnid Games approach to the complexity of the game, then this is it.

Yes, Diluvion is hardcore, in the same way that it is hardcore to cut a log with a Swiss knife. At some point, she even captivates, but to endure, endure and endure her antics again is not the same as learning, studying and learning again the rules of a really difficult game. Although, it would seem, the industry has studied the difference between inconvenience and coldness inside and out. Even though underwater adventures are based on very interesting, fresh ideas, playing it is like rolling a square. Great idea, but bad gameplay. Occupation is strictly for an amateur, in general.

Pros: original surroundings and design; organic combination of mechanics from different genres.
Cons: extremely inconvenient to manage a submarine, explore, fight and navigate the terrain; hardcore sucked from the finger; tasks are monotonous and uninventive.

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