APK - Updated on February 2, 2023

Disaster: Island Survival is an amazing live and extremely realistic game where you need to prepare for a meeting with danger. The player will find himself in the forest, where he will have to find the most realistic ways in order to survive.

Disaster: Island Survival
  MOD APK (Continuity Skill) 3.8.2

Such a game is specially designed for adult players who will be able to perform a lot of actions and finish this survival at an excellent level. The story starts from the moment when a plane full of people crashed, but you managed to stay alive. Now the survivor of Catastrophe: Island Survival will have to find the most relevant ways to get out of here as soon as possible, but do not forget about survival options. Once on such a large island, it will be extremely difficult to survive, but you need to try. Everything that will be next to you in this world can be actively used for your own purposes. For example, use the river to get fish and water, use the mountains to collect stones, and finally use wood to build your raft. The participants of Disaster: Island Survival are on the verge of danger every day and must try hard to survive. Catastrophe: Survival on the island – an interesting life simulator Participate in the passage of a unique survival game that only grown men can handle. In the process of passing the levels from Catastrophe: Survival on the island, you will need to constantly think with your head and solve complex puzzles. Try to survive in the forest on this island and build the perfect cabin for yourself. It will be possible to hide from enemies wandering at night in the form of wild animals. The participant of Catastrophe: Survival on the island will also be able to sleep there. In addition, it will be possible to engage in crafting, creating weapons or useful tools for yourself. Go through the tasks according to the original storyline and reach the end of these adventures.

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