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From my detailed preview, you already know that Disciples: Liberation is not a full-fledged continuation of the cult series and its great second part, but rather a spin-off, a variation on the theme. The theme is: “What would King’s Bounty look like in the world of Disciples”. In the beta, it looked beautiful, right enough in terms of atmosphere and world – even if the goth became smaller and there was more sex, it still feels like this is a cruel and uncomfortable world of Disciples. But there were questions about the gameplay – boring, drawn-out battles, lack of a challenge, a lot of extra equipment and a bunch of skills that improve something there and add 2-3 percent each. What has changed (or not) in the full version?

In god mode

Let me briefly remind you that Disciples: Liberation is clearly equal to the third part (not the most, shall we say, popular among fans), but at the same time it is even more like an adventure RPG in the spirit of King’s Bounty – the strategy has practically disappeared, individual cities and capitals of various factions have disappeared, that need to be protected. Instead, a single metropolis of Illyan appeared, the base for the main character Avianna and her companions – they are allowed to build barracks of any faction there (plus a market and a forge for pumping equipment), and at any time, if you have the right blueprint and a sufficient level of reputation, you can change the building by building on place of the imperial elven barracks. And then return everything back.

Disciples: Liberation: Обзор

Illyan can be reached at any time through a pocket teleporter.

But there are a lot of quests, dialogues, travel around the map and battles. The latter have become more ambitious (now they also include home front fighters, conjuring something from the gallery on their turn) and resemble a modified version of the battles from Disciples III. And just like there, in the “beta” they seemed frankly drawn out and boring.

In fights, I will say right away, little has changed. Yes, the authors, as promised, added the ability to speed up the animation of units, as well as skip not very important battles – for example, with armies guarding mines and other sources of resources. If you wish, you will immediately be shown the result. And he will almost always be victorious – even the total number of health and mana points will not decrease one iota, none of your fighters will receive a scratch. That is, apparently, there is no invisible operation of the algorithm and hidden calculation of results – the game simply automatically wins all battles with more or less equal opponents in level.

Disciples: Liberation: Обзор

If the opponents are several levels weaker, then in general, in theory, they should not get into battle, but run away from us with gardens.

A real challenge can only be obtained in battles with opponents much stronger in level. For example, with a crowd of units of the 20th level, I barely coped with the only mage of the 35th guarding the chest. Then I saw a dragon of the 45th and even a group of elves of the 65th level – I didn’t even dare to get into a fight with my Arkharovites on the 32nd. But these are, as a rule, optional “challenges”.

Disciples: Liberation: Обзор

It’s better not to meddle with this dragon for the time being, but according to the plot, it’s not necessary. There is an interesting side quest associated with it.

And in the main story, where there is no real resistance (in three days of the game I didn’t lose a single battle, I lost a couple of wards at most), the battles, even though they have become a little more dynamic (and some can be skipped), begin to tire. And their inadequate number ultimately causes a desire to “skip” all fights, and not just individual ones.

Disciples: Liberation: Обзор

But the fights look spectacular.

Where is the balance?

There are several reasons for this difficulty imbalance in Disciples: Liberation. Firstly, there are a lot of enemies and quests, while the enemy AI did not walk around the map in the “beta” and did not attack our sources of resources, and does not walk in the full version. As a result, a one-sided, fast and little restrained pumping: our fighters are getting stronger and growing by leaps and bounds. In addition, they can be strengthened with special crystals, and powerful companions of the main character can also be equipped with weapons that are allowed to be pumped. For Avi herself, a whole set of equipment that can be improved in the forge has been prepared – there is a lot of extra rubbish, which we immediately process into resources, but cool things also come across.

Disciples: Liberation: Обзор

The forge also needs to be improved in order to carry out even cooler upgrades.

Secondly, the authors since the “beta” have not really weakened at least some of the many powerful skills in the arsenal and ordinary units, and even more so Avianna’s companions. In the release version, I basically tried to play with a different roster than the one in beta, and started the campaign in other, more difficult regions, but the result was about the same. For example, already at the very beginning I came across a necromancer companion, who not only deals strong area damage with both abilities, but also revives dead enemies who are already on our side with them.

In addition, elven dark spellcasters (Shadow Caster) and former nuns, and now dead, memoryless Initiates from the Hordes of the Undead – and those other seemingly simple units from the first stage of development, but their skills ( naturally, combining healing and massive damage) are too powerful and useful.

Disciples: Liberation: Обзор

This blow from the necromancer and kills everyone on the line, and raises from the dead.

Needless to say, you don’t really have to worry about how their morale is there, in particular because of the combination of different races in one squad – in Liberation this has little effect. And you don’t have to worry too much about upgrading the barracks of one or another faction in order to hire units of a higher rank. That is, yes, of course, it’s better to upgrade something from time to time (or hire more powerful fighters on the market) and try not to take into the army fighters of those factions with which you have a bad relationship. But due to the imbalance of complexity, this happens rather in the background, which does not require special analysis. I also did not experience any particular shortage of money and resources. And in the end, and upgrades in the forge, in fact, spat.

Disciples: Liberation: Обзор

The number of fighters in the army depends on the level of leadership, which grows as Avianna levels up.

I wonder how it ends

However, here is the paradox! – You can play Disciples: Liberation, and in some places it’s even interesting. First of all, thanks to a good story, characters with their own personal problems and a lot of non-linear quests, where all our decisions, who to stand up for, who to give a hat to, and so on, are reflected in relations with factions.

Disciples: Liberation: Обзор

And the game can be very atmospheric.

We are negotiating with the leaders of all the races of Nevendaar in order to conclude an alliance with them, and we run out of the dungeon several times, and we fight with dragons, and we participate in gladiator fights in the arena, and we try to save the Emperor by deceiving the elves pursuing him (although there is an option to fight or surrender to His Majesty). At some point, we get on a map where all the factions fight among themselves – you need to meet the leaders of each in turn and decide who to be with, so our choice in numerous quests immediately and strongly affects the reputation.

Disciples: Liberation: Обзор

Avianna is very loving and tolerant in her choice of partners.

But to ensure that, because of our decisions, at least some satellites left the squad (in the second half of the game, a colorful demoness and a red-haired vampire join us), I didn’t succeed – they don’t agree, they ask to do differently (support, for example, Empire, not rebels), but still remain with us.

Disciples: Liberation: Обзор

Each satellite has its own skill that must be used while exploring the world.

The apogee on the above map is the battle with a huge dead angel (no, it is not final), after which Avianna learns the secret of her origin (here there is a direct reference to the events of Disciples III). The only pity is that the fight with this boss turned out to be extremely protracted and tedious: you know, remove your fighters from the illuminated red cells, which will have to be hit by the boss and his minions, and attack him, gradually grinding off a huge supply of health, and so on for 40 minutes, in a circle and yawning.

Disciples: Liberation: Обзор

God, when is he going to die?!

And the whole Disciples: Liberation seems to be drawn out. You get very tired of it, already when you have reached level 30-33, and after all, the coolest chests in the throne room of the capital open only at level 50. And when will this end? The reason for this reaction is understandable – the authors know what a good, modern adventure RPG should look like, what plot, quests and characters are needed, what mechanics should be, but they lacked the experience, skill and sense of proportion to competently combine all this and make it fit correctly. and work in terms of game design and balance. And they didn’t even think about updating, developing, or at least repeating the mechanics of the cult Disciples II.

Pros: good story; interesting characters with their own quests; an abundance of non-linear tasks that affect relations with factions; nice picture; excellent card design; There is expressive music and voice acting.

Cons: The game is more like King’s Bounty than Disciples itself; there is no challenge, normal balance and adequate AI on the map – the passage, especially the battles, seems long and boring; a lot of superfluous among skills, equipment and spells; optimization problems; There is no Russian language on the release.

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