Game New - Updated on December 25, 2022

The Disgaea SRPG assortment has purchased over 5 million copies worldwide. The fourth title throughout the assortment, Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited, is now accessible for smartphones! Grind as a lot as Diploma 9999! Deal over 100 million components of hurt! Profit from the troublesome sport system and the thrilling story that choices distinctive characters!

Hades is a jail throughout the lowest depths of the netherworld. Proper right here, the souls of sinners are processed and shipped out due to the weakest of demons, Prinnies. Sooner or later, Valvatorez, a vampire who now works as a Prinny Instructor, had his entire graduating class of Prinnies kidnapped. After investigating, he discovers that they’ve been abducted by the Corrupternment, the group controlling the netherworld.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited Mod APK 1.0.2 (Unlocked)

Edit after playing few hours : 1. Still force closed 2. Very stiff touch control. Why i need to press ok when you using touch control scheme? Disgaea 1 Complete which release earlier than this have so much better touch control 3. About auto system, Disgaea 1 have more complex auto (eg. Using skill or not). This game only focusing in Item World. Or maybe more complex auto systems are locking behind story mode, since im still not far. its disgaea 4 complete+. it uses 1.6 - 1.8 gb of ram. its 4.7gb in size. it allows non ps4 controller usage. usb xbox should work fine. R1 and L1 shoulder buttons change between item bag and warehouse inventory selected item. when casting a spell that can be rotated press A button to refuse to do it and B to do it before confirming you want to cast the spell. after finding this out cant find any instance you have to touch the screen. large battle maps may have some minor lag on old devices. Allow permission for media and files fixes the problem...pls make a dpad control on the battle.... Bug free so far no issues. To people shying away from the price, it's not that bad and this game is well worth it in my eyes. This game can easily provide 100s of hours of entertainment and is originally a full console game. If you never played disgaea, the number of features can be overwhelming but amazing once you learn them.. It's a little bit pricey for a mobile game (same price as Disgaea 1 Complete) but it's definitely worth it if you love playing games on your smartphone and if you're a Disgaea fan. Disgaea is a fantastic series nonetheless. It basically has the same extra features as Disgaea 1 Complete making this the best Disgaea 4 version ever. The game downloaded 2 batches of files and it went fast, no problems. I haven't unlocked everything yet but so far so good. The game runs flawlessly on my smartphone.. Alright I'm not gonna sugar coat it the auto battle is bad laughable even I get the original version didn't have it but there are literal scenarios where auto will do nothing like when u try to use mages or when u are towering also this game has horrible controller support please optimize it better if u can those are some complaints I have now I haven't tried item world but in all honesty I'm afraid to all other easy of use is fine I suppose but the touch controls kinda suck to tbh.

The best Disgea ever (sardines!!) and with cloud support!.

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