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A novelty in the genre of role-playing adventures and automatic battles. You must decide to download Disney Heroes: Battle Mode for Android and take part in this amazing game. Forget the superheroes from Marvel and the Justice League, because now you have to deal with representatives of cartoons from the production of the Disney or Pixar film companies. This is a unique opportunity in the virtual game world to try to look at what characters from such popular cartoons as Toy Story, Zootopia, Incredibles, Monsters Inc. and others are doing. Children are familiar with all these heroes, and now together with them they will be able to protect the world from villains.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
Promo Codes  (2023 December) 5.6.01

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70PB96FUJC8November 1, 2022
WAGIS2N9PJNovember 18, 2022
QWX0TDNHCOctober 10, 2022
2G4VWQM7I1ENovember 22, 2022
MSBQLHGJR496October 3, 2022
HNYR382GLSTOctober 26, 2022
KRYGT4WCL60October 29, 2022
G1MSEKAB43November 6, 2022
4JWRX6G29November 17, 2022
BH9C0FOEXQDOctober 25, 2022
I0HQDWSMKB5JOctober 2, 2022
1RF5H7G4IC2September 30, 2022

Be sure to try downloading Disney Heroes: Battle Mode for Android and enjoy this uniqueness:

  • Gorgeous 2D style image graphics and fully drawn characters, like in cartoons;
  • A huge number of characters and heroes, among which are all your friends Mike Wazowski, Buzz Lightyear and many others;
  • A large story company, full of rich moments and scenarios of this story;
  • Global leveling system for heroes and their superpowers;
  • A huge fairy-tale world that will really explore indefinitely.

RPG with cartoon characters Try this gameplay and build a powerful team of cartoon characters from Disney and Pixar. Immerse yourself in an exciting story campaign and advance through many levels until you can finish with a dangerous virus. You will have to help your friends and not be afraid to meet your enemies. Manage your team wisely and watch automatic battles. Learn the superpowers of each character involved in your elite team. The player will be able to collect in the team not only superheroes, but also supervillains, about which you also know everything very well.

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