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February 12, 2018


At first glance, it seems that Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT is the perfect fighting game for fans of the final games. There are heroes and villains here, collected from all the licensed parts of the series, well-known summons and Muggles, after all! In other words, fanservice sits on fanservice and drives with fanservice. But is this enough to call the new Dissidia a good one?Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT game review

Shiva and her “Diamond Dust” evoke nostalgia.

New technologies

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT is a direct sequel to the handheld Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. In place of Cosmos and Chaos, new gods came – Matter and Spirit, who also call fighters from different worlds to fight each other. In the plot videos, the warriors languidly throw pathetic phrases and try to get to the bottom of the causes of the new conflict. However, the story has never been a strong suit of fighting games in the Final Fantasy universe, so it’s better to go directly to the gameplay.

Dissidia is a series of not-so-ordinary scuffles. In addition to the usual health scale for the genre, there is an indicator of courage, or will, which must be lowered with special attacks. Only by breaking the will of the enemy and accumulating enough points of your own, you can inflict significant damage on him.

And everything would be fine, but Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT, instead of the traditional one-on-one confrontation, for some reason introduced three-on-three battles, which is why a real mess is happening on the battlefield. Throw in a terrible camera that locks onto the target and can automatically switch at the most inopportune moment, and you have a contender for the title of the most uncomfortable game of the year.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT game review

The battles take place on spacious arenas, which will surely be familiar to fans of the finals.

Since the battles in the new Dissidia are fought between groups, a defeat is counted as a team as soon as it loses three lives. In the game, you can both conduct online battles with real opponents, and fight bots against bots. For participating in both modes, you get special Memoria crystals, with which you need to open cutscenes in a special menu. There is no story mode in the fighting game at all: apparently, the arcade past of the game affected – before it was released on the Sony Dissidia home console, it was exclusive to Japanese arcades for several years.

March of the Dissenters

Final Fantasy NT doesn’t care about the players at all. Even though I played a lot of hours in the first part, it was hard for me to get involved in the local process. What can we say about newcomers – the game will be completely unfriendly to them. In the basic training, we are shown how the gameplay works in general, but they do not dwell on the nuances at all, offering to comprehend them by trial and error.Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT game review

Alas, the search for players for online battles is always delayed, which is logical – it is much more difficult to collect six players than two.

The game also has its own loot boxes, which, fortunately, are not released for real money, but are given out for victories in battles. Elements for the design of your profile fall out of the containers – avatars and signatures. As they say, no matter what the child amuses …

Another minus in the piggy bank of the game is the lack of Russification. At one time, the first Dissidia was one of the few games on the PSP that received an official translation into the great and mighty; It is a pity that this tradition was not continued.

There are Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT and a couple of advantages. First of all, she is still beautiful, especially in the character selection menu and in cutscenes introducing summoned creatures. Another question is that after the n-th number of times the screensavers will have time to get bored with you. The game also has an excellent soundtrack, assembled from melodies well known to fans of the finals.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT game review

Of the 28 characters, only four are newcomers, while the rest came straight from the previous two parts.


Despite the long journey from arcades to PS4, Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT still feels empty and unfinished. It does not have a full-fledged story campaign, but there are uncomfortable and chaotic battles. I would not recommend this game even to fans of the series – no amount of fan service is worth the time you spend looking for other players.

Pros: nice music; fan service in all fields.

Cons: the very idea of ​​​​three-on-three battles and the mess on the map that it gives rise to.

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