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For indie action Furi six years ago suddenly announced DLC and update. But there is a caveat: these add-ons will be released on all platforms except Xbox (at least at launch). Main Furi on consoles Microsoft there is, so the community had a natural question: why won’t the add-on appear?

Short comment developers from The Game Bakers gave back on May 4, shortly after the announcement of the add-on: they say that the studio is small, it didn’t have resources for one more port, and Furi at one time performed poorly on the Xbox, so I had to prioritize. Long answer co-founder The Game Bakers Audrey Leprince voiced in an interview for VICE.


  • Furi sold well year after year, so when the studio experienced a period of downtime between projects, they decided to create an update for the game.

  • The problem is that it’s not enough to just produce content. The release of the DLC and update required quite a serious logistical effort: you need to update the engine, SDK software tools, middleware and platform-specific elements, as well as test all builds, get verified by platformers and get back into publishing.

  • Sales Furi on Xbox have decreased year by year compared to other platforms and currently account for a third of sales on Switch. Besides, The Game Bakers cannot promote their game on the Xbox Storefront and a newer Haven on the platform Microsoft “didn’t sell at all” and only made money from a Game Pass release deal.

Distribution of copies across platforms for Furi and Haven – with and without PlayStation Plus and Game Pass. The Autres PC signature is in French and stands for PC platforms outside of Steam.

We spoke to the Xbox team and tried to get support from them, but Furi did not fit into the Game Pass strategy – they prefer new games there. Therefore, we decided not to release DLC on Xbox at the time of release: the chances are too high that the investment will not recoup.

Audrey Leprince

  • As The Game Bakers – the studio is small and independent, the mathematics of profits must be reckoned with. So far, the company’s games are not making enough money to fully finance the production of the next game, so they have to enlist outside support. For example, a third of the budget Furi collected thanks to the PlayStation Plus release deal, and a quarter of the budget Haven — about the release in Game Pass. game budget The Game Bakers varies from 1.5 to 3 million euros.

Game Pass is a great platform for gamers, so chances are there are more indie gamers on Xbox right now than ever before. But, unfortunately, without Game Pass, it is very difficult for many indie games to become noticeable on Xbox.

Audrey Leprince

The Game Bakers hopes the DLC for Furi will bring good profits and in the foreseeable future, the studio will still be able to release an update on the Xbox. Recall that the expansion will be released on May 17 on PC, PlayStation and Switch. Find out more about the content of the supplement here.

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