Do Not Disturb 3: Mr. Marmot MOD APK (Last Update) 1.1.63

Updated on June 13, 2024

Name Do Not Disturb 3: Mr. Marmot
Publisher Tapps Games
Category Game New
Version 1.1.63
Price FREE
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Do Not Disturb 3: Mr. Marmot APK
Do Not Disturb 3: Mr. Marmot MOD
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Introduction to Do Not Disturb 3

Do Not Disturb 3 is the latest installment featuring the amusing character Mr. Grumpy, who is now embarking on a much-needed vacation. Despite his desire to escape his usual routine and enjoy some peace and quiet, it seems that Mr. Grumpy will once again find himself in a series of hilarious and inconvenient situations. Players are encouraged to test their wit and ingenuity as they push the grumpy groundhog to his limits, eliciting humorous reactions and hearty laughs along the way. With excellent graphics and user-friendly controls, the game is accessible to players of all skill levels.

Join Mr. Grumpy on Vacation

In Do Not Disturb 3, players have the opportunity to accompany Mr. Grumpy on his well-deserved vacation. As the main character of the game, players will interact with Mr. Grumpy in various scenarios, each filled with opportunities to cause mischief and chaos. From simple pranks to elaborate schemes, players can explore different ways to disrupt Mr. Grumpy’s vacation and witness his entertaining reactions.

Experience the Humorous Antics

The essence of Do Not Disturb 3 lies in its ability to deliver humorous and lighthearted entertainment to players. By engaging with the game’s mechanics and exploring the different interactions with Mr. Grumpy, players can uncover a range of comedic moments and unexpected outcomes. Whether it’s surprising Mr. Grumpy with a practical joke or setting up elaborate traps, the game invites players to experiment and enjoy the resulting hilarity.

Unleash Your Creativity

One of the key features of Do Not Disturb 3 is the freedom it provides for players to unleash their creativity. With a variety of interactive elements and dynamic responses from Mr. Grumpy, players can experiment with different approaches and see how the game’s protagonist reacts. This open-ended gameplay encourages players to think outside the box and discover new ways to engage with the game’s world.

Simple and Engaging Gameplay

Despite its humorous theme and playful antics, Do Not Disturb 3 offers simple and engaging gameplay that is easy to pick up and play. The game’s intuitive controls make it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels, ensuring that even newcomers to the world of mobile games can dive in and enjoy the fun. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just looking for a casual diversion, Do Not Disturb 3 offers entertainment for everyone.


Do Not Disturb 3 is a delightful and entertaining mobile game that brings humor and creativity to the forefront. With its charming protagonist Mr. Grumpy, engaging gameplay mechanics, and lighthearted approach to mischief, the game provides players with a fun-filled experience that is sure to bring a smile to their faces. So, join Mr. Grumpy on his vacation, unleash your creativity, and get ready to laugh out loud as you embark on a mischievous adventure in Do Not Disturb 3.

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