APK - Updated on July 31, 2022

Would you like to become a real doctor? And you are sure that you could withstand it, in addition to the constant flow of patients with a huge variety of diseases, symptoms and injuries, you still have to take responsibility for their treatment, which makes this burden not only physical, but also moral and ethical. And besides, why do you think that from the sight of blood, an open wound, a fracture or abrasion, you will not have a panic attack, nausea, or even worse – fainting? No, only people with a certain mindset and character are allowed and drawn to such a profession, and certainly not everyone can be a doctor, and even more so a surgeon.

List of Cheats Code Expiration date
Y15AQKT6JC7 September 5, 2022
SNGMHFJ90K August 6, 2022
1DPBMCGH3 August 1, 2022
7U8DRJXALMP September 19, 2022
BR93V41TQ5JK August 28, 2022
3Z8VCYIU9R5 September 13, 2022

Try on a doctor’s coat and save the lives of dozens of people with Doctor Mania – Fun games. Incredible care and accuracy will be required from you in order to help each and every one who contacts you. Patients will have a variety of problems and you should be prepared for this. You will have all possible medical instruments at your disposal, use them wisely. Although at first the game will tell you what is applied to what, but further, you will have to act on your own, relying on your memory and caution. It counts for minutes and seconds. Save the people who dared to trust you with their lives.

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