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The gameplay takes place in a large-scale universe, where extraterrestrial creatures, dokebi, live along with people. They can participate in battles, winning generous rewards and useful items for their masters. Gradually increasing the collection of pets and improving their abilities, the player must defeat all rivals and earn the main prize.

Gameplay overview

At first glance, the setting of DokeV resembles the style of the Pokémon world, but there is a rather significant difference between the two universes. Unlike the Poké Balls, Dokebies feed on human dreams, which help them gain strength and develop. However, before taming a pet, the player must find it among the vast locations: you can move between them using various vehicles – cars, flying boards, a jetpack or even a llama.

Main advantages

The large-scale game map is the hallmark of this cartoon universe. It contains both urban neighborhoods and uninhabited forest thickets, where you can find rare and collectible dokebies. Since pets do not like uninvited guests, they willingly hide in the most unexpected places, so the hero will have to carefully explore huge locations in order to find a new friend.

Also, players need to not only expand their collection of fighters, but also improve their skills. To do this, you can use useful items and resources collected during the journey. The stronger the dokebi becomes, the more chances he has to defeat his opponent during the competition. For winning the competition, the player receives a well-deserved reward and experience points that will allow him to level up, thereby opening up access to more advanced skills.

The main mode, centered around battles involving dokebi, is enhanced with various simulation elements. In between competitions, the hero can move around the city, chat with friends and equip his house. Fans have speculated that DokeV may also include timed missions, mini-games, and themed events to add variety to the gameplay.

Analogues for Android

At the moment, DokeV is still under development. An exact release date for the game has yet to be announced. As a replacement, users can install a similar app: Pokemon GO.

Pokémon Go

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