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We missed the Doki Doki Literature Club for nothing!

I haven’t played a single visual novel (and I’m proud of it!). Neither Endless Summer nor any of Steins Gate intrigued me enough to waste my life on them. But Doki Doki Literature Club! forced me to take care of myself: firstly, it exhaustively goes through in six hours, secondly, it swept through YouTube with a wave of hype comparable to some Five Nights at Freddy’s, thirdly, it appeared in the first commentary on the first issue “We missed it for nothing.”

Fans of Doki Doki are extremely cautious and insist that “you can’t know anything at all” about the game. You can’t look for any information, you need to drop everything and immediately get acquainted with the best story of 2017. And although I definitely do not agree with the last thesis, I decided to write about the game. At least on demand. At the very least, Doki Doki can successfully be the first and last visual novel of your life.

We missed the Doki Doki Literature Club for nothing!

Welcome to Harem!

If I was a hentai, I would have a harem

I reserve the right to non-critical spoilers for very simple reasons. Three categories of readers are now running through this text. The first have not yet decided whether to play or not, and they need a big seed. The second game has already passed and will not suffer from spoilers (although they can swear the most). Still others will never play anyway and read the text for general development. For them, I even become generous with a concise retelling towards the end. But the most important thing that allows me to casually retell the contents of the game is that the “nya” is not as scary as it is kawaii.

The game is distributed for free, in the shell of a low-grade hentai or just a romantic visual novel. Ordinary schoolboy, you find yourself in a harem of lovers of extracurricular literary criticism. There is something to read for every taste: an old friend, a melancholy model, a fighting loli, and a classy council president. Everyone, of course, is crazy about your person.

I, a person familiar with the genre only from the pigeon dating simulator, was surprised by the almost complete lack of interactivity: in 10-15 minutes of “clicking” on dialogues, they give no choice, no mini-games, or even interactive elements on the screen. It’s clear why things like Final Fantasy and Persona are considered role-playing games in Japan with the answer options “Come on” and “Mmmm…”!

There is only one game mechanic here: after every school day, you return home and write a poem. More precisely, you click on the list of words, choosing those that are more suitable for the passion you have chosen today.

The dialogue goes out of its way to “develop the characters,” which in this context means “outshine any living woman.” There is no conflict in the story, no obstacles – only the incessant flirting with girls who play the sweetest archetype with all their might. It is easy to understand that the Book Club is not very interested in literary value.

We missed the Doki Doki Literature Club for nothing!

For Natsuki, by the way, we will definitely be imprisoned.

Nevertheless, the game cannot be accused of mediocrity: it is written really well. In any case, with knowledge of the matter. Thanks to Doki Doki for putting together a complete picture of what is happening in these visual novels of yours in 3-4 hours – this is exactly as much as it is not a pity to spend on broadening one’s horizons. In a sense, I even understood why the genre is so popular in certain circles, and almost got into it … Until I got to the first ending. Somewhat discouraging.

Pullies are not what they seem

After you finish a three-hour walk through a typical genre chamber of curiosities, some chaos begins. Something unexpected is happening. It becomes clear that not all the features of the characters played: there were certain inconsistencies and pitfalls in the behavior of the girls. The Psychological horror tag on Steam makes sense. The gameplay at this moment is not added, but the action becomes much more interesting and goes beyond the genre. In the next box, I will tell you in detail what exactly begins and ends.We missed the Doki Doki Literature Club for nothing!Just Monica

At the end of your first playthrough, when you are ready to romance one of the girls with all your might, your best friend unexpectedly embarrasses you and hangs herself. After that, the game throws an error message, recommends checking the logs in the installation folder and starts again, but without the participation of that very friend.

At the same time, the girls begin to behave more and more inadequately, “screamers”, bugs appear, and the short story abruptly becomes an incomprehensible “creepypasta”. One lady, for example, begins to maniacally cut herself as soon as she is excited (in any sense), the other permanently requires your attention. To such an extent that it removes other girls from the game, rewrites the code and becomes a totalitarian screensaver in love with you.

By this point, it becomes clear that poking around in the files is part of the game, and the fans there have already found, deciphered and assumed ten MGS. For these details, I propose to go to YouTube, and the plot ends badly.

We missed the Doki Doki Literature Club for nothing!

Sayori is more like a sister to the main character. If you know what I mean.

Returning to the original thesis – yes, we missed the Doki Doki Literature Club in vain!, but she still doesn’t want to sing praises. Unfortunately, this is a game that only fully worked in the absence of the current halo of mystery: for the first people who really looked for entertainment in a “special” genre, and then got a boot.

When you ask a friend a tricky question with a sly face, he will never give an obvious answer, because the trick is felt in the very fact of the question. So it is here: the very fact that everyone advises not to learn anything about the game already sets up certain expectations. And if the “Literary Club” can surprise an unprepared person, then it is far from so easy to impress someone who is in the mood for game.

The first half of the passage was interesting to me exclusively as a person unfamiliar with the culture. I’m afraid if I were a fan of the genre, I would waste three hours of prelude and without much interest. It is just the second half that is interesting, which can be recommended with all my might. You should not expect revolutions from it – we have already seen these tricks. Everything is done with high quality, the theme is not hackneyed, which means that all lovers of new experience should take a closer look at the Doki Doki Literature Club!

We missed the Doki Doki Literature Club for nothing!

A closet without light, as it were, calls on the hero to decide as soon as possible.


I want to thank you, readers and commentators, for passing a couple of evenings well. The game is not perfect, not amazing, but more than worth the money. In terms of being free.

Keep up the good work – indicate in the comments the projects that lack text reviews on .ru, and we will clean them up as best we can. How is Undertale, is it still relevant?

Pros: educational value; good plot; Monica.

Cons: the game is not as scary as it is painted; you will not complete the main genre task.

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