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Every girl in her heart or in reality dreams of becoming a model. Shows in the most fashionable and expensive cities in the world. Constant travel and a life in which you don’t have to deny yourself anything. Expensive beautiful limousines and closed VIP-class restaurants. All these dreams warm the soul of any little girl trying on another skirt or dress in front of a mirror. But unfortunately for them, dreaming and wanting is very simple, but doing and achieving is the most difficult thing. Therefore, in many this dream dies, in others it is locked deep inside, and only a few achieve what they have dreamed of for so long – a podium, fame, a celebrity.

List of Cheats Code Expiration date
IRUTE3K814X September 4, 2022
5X9GEMZVCL September 12, 2022
9NVQHXF2C September 4, 2022
W5PBJUVMZEX October 2, 2022
ZYWXQOG962BV September 18, 2022
JR6O2W309SL September 9, 2022

Well, if a young model has died in you, then do not despair, because the developers of the Doll Makeover Salon game have made sure that you still try yourself in this role, even on the mobile screen. In the end, you may not like it, and removing the application is easier than breaking the contract.

Create the most beautiful, elegant and graceful model, participate in photo shoots and get on the covers of magazines, participate in competitions and bypass rivals, let everyone understand what taste and sense of style are. To achieve these goals, the creators of Doll Makeover Salon have prepared a huge toolkit, using which you will achieve everything you dreamed of.

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