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It is rare to find representatives of the “build-protect” strategy genre in high-quality performance. But, that’s why they are good games to stand out from thousands of others.

DomiNations Discount Codes 11.1150.1154
List of Discount CodesExpiration date
7OL9ZUMPS5BAugust 2, 2022
7WLUOR254ZAugust 14, 2022
DBWLVCY7EAugust 5, 2022
IG24ST9F5YEJuly 18, 2022
05K841TYMACOJuly 25, 2022
FHQL713VAR2July 20, 2022

DomiNations is a real time strategy game. One of the nice and significant distinguishing features of the game is its minimal linearity in development. And then, this linearity lies in the fact that you have to go through the stages of evolution and development of technical progress. How you get there is entirely up to you. The second highlight can be called a huge selection of civilizations to start development, among which everyone can choose to their liking. You have to start managing a small settlement, and develop it into a really significant and dangerous country for many ill-wishers.

Build your city on the basis of your own reasoning and decisions, and not on the plot line seen by the developers. Therefore, each state will be unique in its own way, which is complemented by the presence of a dozen different factions.

Do not forget about the development and research that should be carried out in order not to remain in the stone age, while everyone around is already firing guns. A thoughtful and convenient system of development and study, which does not prevent the player from developing in his own direction.

It is worth remembering about the conclusion of alliances, if you want to manage a truly strong empire, then you should take care of finding allies to create alliances. Remember, just because you may have thought you could play alone and achieve everything on your own doesn’t mean everyone will, and you’ll have to get into skirmishes that involve huge alliances of various factions anyway.

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