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The classic domino game Dominoes is now available not only on computers, but also on tablets and other mobile devices. Up to 4 people can play the game at the same time. Attention players are provided with three classic modes, which can be played in turn. It is possible to customize background images and themes. Three themes and five domino styles are available in the game. An intelligent computer opponent will play against you.

List of Coupon CodesExpiration date
T6C8GVLDUR5September 18, 2022
ZJOK1PLUV3September 9, 2022
N2QAGOX6WAugust 19, 2022
RSM4L70U836September 8, 2022
C60Z7QK1HRFJAugust 11, 2022
UENWGIPYO2BSeptember 4, 2022

The rules of the game are very simple and known to everyone. Before the start, the dominoes are shuffled, and each player is given an equal number of “bones” of dominoes. First, one of the players places a domino with an equal number of points on both halves of the domino. It can be, for example, 1:1. The next player must find a domino with a 1 on at least one half of the dice. Next, the players take turns moving, laying out the dominoes they have. If the player does not find the bones he needs to move, then he takes the bones from the general pile. And he takes until he finds what he needs. If there is nothing to take from the pile, then the player simply skips a turn. Whoever runs out of dominoes first is the winner.

The application has a convenient calculation of points scored during the game and there are statistics of victories and defeats. Enjoy this simple and at the same time very enjoyable game!

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